6 Ways to build the credibility of your e-commerce mobile app

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There are tons of e-commerce mobile apps out there. But do all of them get success? No! 

There are some essential ingredients that can be found in all successful e-commerce apps. 

Credibility is one of those ingredients. 

Especially with the rapidly growing online scams, online customers have become wary about who they buy from.

mobile application development Singapore

Building the credibility of your e-commerce mobile app is very important to make your online shoppers feel confident. 

But the question is how you can convince your users that your app is safe to buy from?

Well, in this blog post, I have shared 6 ways in which you can build the credibility of your e-commerce mobile app. 

#1 Trust Seals

Various online studies & surveys have shown that security is the most important thing that every online shopper is looking for. 

Due to the lack of security parameters, an e-commerce app may experience high order abandonment rate. 

Displaying trust signs/seals on your e-commerce app can encourage your users to go ahead and buy their desired products from you.

Perhaps, you can ask your app developer to showcase the trust seals on the checkout page so that your users can confidently proceed ahead to pay & place their orders on your e-commerce mobile app. 

#2 Loading speed

Slow loading mobile apps do nothing except turning down their potential customers. 

Online shoppers tend to lose their confidence in slow loading e-commerce websites and mobile apps. In other words, if the loading speed of your e-commerce app is too slow, you may be losing a lot of sales & customers. 

A mobile app can load slowly due to many reasons such as:

  • Lousy connectivity with web services. 
  • Selection of low-performance server. 
  • Faulty SDK (software development kit).
  • The app may be overcrowded with data.
  • Network latency

Ideally, your app developer must check your app for its loading speed. 

But if you find your app is loading slow for your potential customers, you can request your mobile app builder to check the app on the above parameters and fix it immediately. 

#3 Contact details

One of the best ways to eliminate the buying resistance of users on your e-commerce app is to display your contact details through your app screens. 

Providing a contact number and email on your app will build trust among your online shoppers and encourage them to buy from you. 

3 Major reasons to show contact details on your e-commerce app. 

  • Quick service for your customers
  • Build rapport with customers
  • Better conversions

#4 Reviews & ratings

Positive reviews & ratings from your existing customers can also help to remove the buying resistance among the potential buyers.

When your potential buyers see that your existing customers are happy & satisfied with your products, they feel confident to go ahead and place their orders too. 

Therefore, you can ask your mobile app developer to allow your existing customers to post a review on your products and at the same time showcase those reviews & ratings on the respective product screens of your app.

Why reviews & ratings are essential for an e-commerce mobile app?

  • It helps your potential buyers to know about your product’s quality & performance. 
  • It makes your existing customers feel that their feedback is important for you. 
  • It helps you to improve your product(s) based on the feedback of your customers. 

#5 Quick checkout

In order to save the time of your users, your app must allow them to checkout quickly & hassle-free. If you don’t do so, you may have a lot of abandoned cats/orders on your app. 

Various studies have shown that complicated checkout is one of the most major reasons for the high abandonment rate on any e-commerce website or mobile app. 

The checkout process can be considered as the backbone of any e-commerce business. Therefore, it’s essential to optimize the checkout system on your mobile application.

How can your app developer optimize the checkout process?

  • Showing only required form fields for the users to fill. 
  • If your checkout form is lengthy, your mobile app maker can split it into 2 or 3 steps and make it easier for the users to fill them.
  • The checkout form must be tested for all the required validations and logics
  • Your e-commerce app must allow your users to guest checkout
  • There shouldn’t be any hidden charges on your checkout page to avoid the order abandonment.
  • Your app builder must display security seals on the checkout screen of your application. 
  • The size (width & height) of each form field on your checkout page must be appropriate for the users to tap & type the required details. 

#6 Live chat

Last but not the least, a live chat option on your mobile app can enhance the credibility of your business. 

Apps and websites that use live chat tend to get a higher number of sales because of the quick resolution ability for the users. 

The live chat system on your e-commerce mobile app can help you in many ways such as:

  • Live chat enables your prospective buyers to resolve their queries in order to make their decision quickly.
  • Live chat builds trust among your online shoppers because they know that you are available for them all the time. 
  • Live chat provides a human touch to the users. And we all know that people like to buy from people only. Not from machines. 
  • Live chat provides you insights on the important data about your shoppers such as what are their queries & concerns, what do they like about your product, what kind improvement they want to have in your products and so on. 

With so many benefits of integrating a live chat system with your mobile app, you simply can’t afford to miss it. 

What’s more!

Integrating a live chat is not expensive at all. Your app builder can use any of the pre-built libraries to incorporate a live chat system on your mobile application at an affordable cost.  

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