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6 Tips For Android Apps Development

Do you have a newly developed Android mobile app that you want to launch but looking for some tips?

Perhaps, you may be looking to start Android application development for which you already have an idea.

Whether you already have a mobile application or intend to build one, this blog post is going to help you to build & launch successful Android apps.

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Here, I am going to share 6 tips for you or your app developer to follow and get most out of your Android application.

Let’s start.

#1 Follow Android Design Guidelines

Did you know that Google has prepared a set of Android design guidelines that you can follow and ensure that mobile application complies with it? 

These guidelines are provided to make sure that all of the android apps behave in the same way while providing a consistent UI/UX.

Many app owners or app developers don’t pay attention to these guidelines and as a result, their app users don’t get a consistent experience on different devices.

So, if you really want to develop & launch an Android app that gets popular among your intended audience, you must take care of these guidelines.

#2 Secure a Name

In my experience as a mobile app developer & consultant, I’ve noticed that most of the app owners do not secure a name until their app development is completed. As a result, they don’t get their desired name and they end up getting left over names only.

Do not let this happen to you.

Its better to secure an app name before you get your app development started. If you want to book a name identical to your business or a name that matches your concept idea, go for it before it becomes unavailable.

#3 Research Well

Don’t consider a mobile application as just a piece of software that can help you make money. Think about it as a tool to solve the problems of your intended audience.

The best way is to list out all the possible problems that you think can be resolved through your app.

Once you list them down, the next step is to do a research and find out if any other app has already been offering solutions to these problems. 

If you notice that no one in the market is providing a solution to the problem you thought of, go for it.

Do not waste anytime after finding out an unsolved problem that you think you can solve through an app. Hire an Android developer and get the development started.

#4 Optimize Your Apps

Developing & launching a mobile app is not enough. You must also optimize your application to make sure its usable by your targeted audience.

The most important thing that an app must be optimized for, is the speed. Nobody likes an app that takes forever to load and essentially to perform various functions.

If you think your app takes time to load and run, consult your Android developer and ask him to look into it. He may try removing unnecessary objects and variables from your app to make it lighter & faster.

Do whatever it takes, but do not settle for the less.

#5 Optimize For Devices

We all know that there is an abundance of smartphones that run on Android operating system. This simply means that your app has to be compatible with all of those devices. 

Having said this, your app must perform well on all resolutions and sizes of Android devices.

How to test an app for the device optimization? Well, you can take help of your friends who own different versions of Android smartphones or you can check your app’s device compatibility through any of the reliable testing tools like this.

Although this tool helps you to check an app on different Samsung devices, you will get an idea how your app looks on different resolution or screen sizes.

#6 Test Your Apps

Now this tip is not new to anybody. Whether its a website design or mobile apps development, do not launch your final product without testing it properly.

Testing your application for all of its functions makes sure that your users are not going to face any kind of problem and at the same time, it ensures that your business brand is not affected badly because of the faulty product.

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