6 Must Have Features For Your E-Commerce Mobile App To Beat Competition

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Getting a mobile application developed and launched is not a challenge anymore.

You can easily hire a mobile developer at an affordable price and launch your e-commerce app in 2-3 months. 

But what after that?

Will your mobile app be able to outrank your competition?

Will your mobile app be able to convince your users to buy products from your store?

Well, the answer to these questions completely depends on how you have developed your app. Have you integrated sufficiently selling features on your app or it’s just like any other e-commerce app?

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In this blog post, I will be sharing 6 great e-commerce features that your mobile app must have.

Let’s begin.

#1 Geofencing

What is Geofencing?

It’s a technology that helps business owners to market their products based on the users’ location. In other words, Geofencing enables location-based marketing.

Imagine a scenario where your customers enter a restaurant or any shop near your outlet and they get push notifications on their devices about the offers that you are running on that particular day. Since they are already nearby your outlet, they won’t mind visiting you to get the benefit of your offer. Isn’t it?

Yes, very few e-commerce retailers have been capitalizing on this smart feature as of now.

In fact, the truth is that very few e-commerce companies have mobile apps for their business.

So, if you are also running an e-commerce store and looking for some creative ideas to increase your sales, go for a mobile application.

#2 Cloud Computing

We all know that nobody likes to use a slow-loading app or website.

Cloud Computing helps your users & provides a rich user experience by reducing the server response time and in turn, increasing your e-commerce app speed. As a result, you get more sales.

By integrating your e-commerce mobile app with cloud computing, you will provide your app with a competitive edge & help it steal customers from your competitors.

#3 Smart Recommendation Feature

Showing your customers the products based on their personalized behavior & choices is not a new concept but not every e-commerce business has adopted this technology.

You can find the technology of recommendation engines only with the big players like Amazon and Netflix.

But the good news is that you can also implement smart recommendation features with your mobile app. All you have to do is just hire an experienced mobile app developer who can help you to make this possible.

#4 ChatBots

Have you recently been to any web portal or e-commerce store recently where you see a live chat option but as soon you enter your query, it renders automated answers to you within a fraction of a second?

That’s the power of ChatBots. Basically, ChatBots are programmed in such a way that they can understand human inputs in the right context & accordingly provide them with the outputs that can be helpful to them.

The benefit of implementing a ChatBot with your mobile app is that your customers will get 24/7 support. You don’t need to hire any manpower to handle the queries of your customers over the phone or website.

Your customers can always find the answer to their queries, whenever they ask for it.

#5 Loyalty Points

Let’s face it. The growth of credit cards in the last few years has been made possible, to a certain extent, by offering customers loyalty points on each purchase that they make using their credit cards.

You can do it too. 

You can offer your customers some loyalty points whenever they buy from you and when their loyalty points reach a certain level (threshold), you can enable them to get discounts and adjust their loyalty points in their next purchase.

#6 Reason To Download The App

All of the above tips #1 to #5 will work only if the users download your app on their devices.

If you don’t give your potential buyers a reason to download your app, probably they won’t do that.

You need to think creatively about how you can convince your users to download your app.

Perhaps, by offering some discount to all of the mobile app users on their first purchase with the app

For instance, you can offer a discount of a flat 5% to all the users who will buy from you using your mobile app.

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