7 Important Features Of A Salon Mobile Application

beauty salon mobile apps developer singapore

Salon is considered as one of the businesses that get repeated customers. 

While there is a huge demand for salons as everybody need their services every few days, there has been a cut throat competition in this industry too.

To beat the competition and get more customers for any salon business, a mobile application can be of great help. 

beauty salon mobile apps developer singapore

Yes, when you develop a mobile application for your salon, you not only prove that you are far ahead of your competitors, but you also convey to your customers that you really care for them by providing latest technologies in order to facilitate their appointments & services.

A mobile application is a proven tool to grow small businesses, if implemented appropriately.

So, if you too, are planning to develop a mobile app for your salon business, here are few points to consider. In this blog post, you will learn about 7 essential features that a mobile app for salon must have.

Let’s begin.

#1 Booking Appointments

This is perhaps the backbone of any salon mobile application. The ability for customers to enjoy on-demand services from your salon will enable them to book your services right from their smartphones conveniently & hassle-free. 

Your app developer can also integrate a payment gateway with the appointment booking form so that your customers can pay and get their appointment confirmed.

#2 Price List

I have been through many mobile applications for small businesses such as salons & spa that fail to showcase the list of their services along with their prices. 

They may not want to expose their prices to the competitors, but at the same time they they don’t realise that they may be losing their potential customers too.

Showcasing all of the services along with their prices allow the customers to proceed ahead & book their appointments instantly.

#3 Reviews

The users who haven’t been to your salon ever and just relying on your mobile app to book their appointments, may gain confidence & trust when they see the reviews of other customers. 

Therefore, you must have a review system in your application so that you can request your existing customers to post their feedback using the app.

In order to encourage the existing customers to post their feedback, you may also introduce some discounts or reward points which they can redeem for their future appointments or shopping.

#4 E-Commerce Store

It could be a great idea to create an e-commerce store on your app and upload some of the fast running products on your application & sell them online. 

An e-commerce mobile app is definitely better than the e-commerce websites because the apps allow your customers to engage with your brand in a more effective way.

Again, you can encourage your existing customers to post the reviews on the products that they have been using or have used already. It will help to sell your products to the new customers.

#5 Push Notifications

A push notification feature can be very helpful to market the services & products of your salon. 

You can send out push notifications to all of your existing customers and inform them about some special offers, discount coupons or new arrivals at your salon.

#6 Reminders

An automated system to send out the reminders to your customers about their upcoming booking will be helpful to them. 

You can also allow them to view the list of upcoming bookings, if they have subscribed to any regular sessions package. 

Also, providing them with the option to postpone or cancel their bookings will be helpful for them.

These smart features can help eliminate the manual interference in your business.

#7 Social Sharing

Social sharing feature can make your salon services popular in just few hours or days.

When any of your customers who have a huge list of friends on their social networking websites, share your services on their timeline through your mobile application, your services can easily get viral and you’ll get more enquiries & bookings without even spending a single dollar on your marketing.


A mobile application can prove to be a best marketing tool for your salon business, if you use it effectively. 

All you need to do is, hire an experienced app developer who can help you to develop an application at affordable price & integrate all of the above features in it.

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