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6 Easy ways to get more downloads for your mobile application

Creating a great mobile application does require cooperation of experienced & professional app developer. But when it comes to getting more downloads & engagement for your mobile app, you do need to create a sound strategy.

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Here, I have shared 6 easy yet effective ways to increase your mobile app downloads which doesn’t require huge effort or cost. All you need is a bit creativity while using these tips. 

Let’s get started. 

#1 Leveraging your mobile website

Having a responsive website can help you to promote your mobile app in an effective way.

How can you use your website to promote your mobile app:

  • Creating a dedicated webpage to describe your app, its features & benefits.
  • Allowing users to click & download your app through app stores.
  • Illustrating the work flow of your app to enable users understand your mobile application in a better way.

But the key here is to develop a responsive website so that the mobile users can download your app straight away using their smart devices. 

It would even be better if your mobile app developer can help you to build your landing webpage too. Most of the mobile app developers do offer these services. 

#2 Facebook Page

Another great way to promote or promote your mobile app is creating a Facebook page. The idea here is not only to create a business page on Facebook, but also to post on it frequently and encourage users to engage with your page. 

Again, here are few things that you can share on your Facebook page:

  • Benefits of using your app.

  • The growing stats of users & downloads of your app. 

  • The enhancements that you make on your app regularly.

  • The link to download your app. 

  • Seek feedback from your app users to improve & enhance your app. 

  • You can also go for Facebook Ads to target potential users who can download & use your app. 

#3 Use app link in your email signature

Another effective yet simple way to promote your mobile app is to include a link to download your app in your email signature

This is perhaps the most affordable and useful way to get more downloads for your app. 

By mentioned about your mobile app in your email signature, it will get more exposure and perhaps downloads too. 

#4 Go for blogging

Blogging is a great way to reach & connect with your potential users. 

And when you write blog posts for your app regularly, your app gets more downloads & engagement.  

Here are some of the major reasons for you to blog:

  • Blogs are loved by search engines and therefore you can get higher SEO rankings for your mobile app too. 
  • Blogging can help you to establish yourself as an authority
  • In your blog post, you can also address FAQs raised by the users. 

#5 Create Video Demos

Why videos?

Videos are an easy way for you to showcase everything your app has to offer, and that too in a nice & attractive way. 

Creating a video demo can help you in many ways:

  • You can explain benefits of using your app through videos. 
  • You can show the flow of your app using videos. 
  • A video can help to spread your app through social media channels.  

#6 Use attractive screenshots

While making your mobile app live on respective app stores, you need to upload some screenshots. These screenshots help your users to understand about your application in a better way. 

At the same time, it can be an opportunity for you to market your app. Therefore, you must use attractive screenshots in order to grab the attention of your users. Perhaps, you can also choose to show only those screenshots that demonstrates the benefits of using your mobile application. 

Your mobile app builder can help you to take appropriate screenshots and use them while making your mobile application live. 

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