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6 Common Mistakes Made In Mobile Apps Development

While it’s true that mobile apps can help businesses to grow their revenue & customers, it also holds truth that a few mistakes can ruin the whole purpose of having a mobile app at all.

There are numerous plenty of apps available today (both Android & iOS), but not all of them get success.

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What could be the reason?

The ones that get successful are crafted with utmost care and consideration.

In this blog post, I have shared 6 such mistakes that can be avoided to win the digital battle of mobile applications.

Let’s begin.

#1 Lack Of Excellent User Experience

There are hundreds or thousands of mobile applications that get launched everyday but do all of them get success?

No, not all the apps become successful.

The most important element that makes any app successful is the user experience.

Most of the app developers don’t pay attention to enhance the user experience of the mobile app that they develop. As a result, the app fails to attract desired audience and eventually fails to meet its objective.

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#2 Lack Of Business Logic

Hiring an affordable app developer is not enough. For an app to be successful, its important that the app developer has a sound understanding of business logics.

Failure of conveying the correct business logics to the mobile app developer or the incorrect apprehension of business logics by the app developer may lead to malfunctioning of the application, thereby resulting in failure of the app.

#3 Lack Of Appealing Visuals

Mobile applications are more visual. We all know.

When we think about mobile apps, glossy & vibrant color graphics come to your mind and when we don’t find these elements in our downloaded app, we reject it immediately.

Although there are exceptions to this rule, like when you are required to use a mobile app anyhow, even if you don’t like its visuals, you still accept it.

For eg. a mobile app to check your loan eligibility, loan status, your university results, your income tax assessment and so on.

In short, you accept a poor visual app only when you have no other option, but in most cases the mobile apps only with appealing visuals still win the game.

#4 Lack Of Loading Speed

No matter how appealing is the design of an app and how good the user experience is, if it doesn’t load on your device quickly, it’s of no use to you.

One of the major reasons of developing mobile apps is to provide the users with fast browsing experience and when this objective is not met, the users refrain to use the apps and as a result the number of active users start to deteriorate.

#5 Lack Of Appropriate Messages

Here is where most of the app developers don’t pay attention.

Yes, the smooth flow of any app alone is not important, unless the users know at each and every step, what’s happening and what has happened.

Let me explain this point with an example.

Have you ever used any mobile app wherein you had performed any action like submitting the form or liking any profile and you didn’t see any message that your intended action has been executed successfully?

This uninformed execution may even lead to the user’s frustration when the user taps a button or link several times with a thought that no action has been performed while the fact is that he has submitted the same information several times already.

The major takeaway here is to display appropriate messages upon each action performed by the user.

#6 Lack Of Clean Interface

I can’t even emphasize how important it is to keep the interface of mobile apps clean & simple.

A clean interface is the most important ingredient to making a perfect recipe of successful mobile application.

Why it’s so important to have a clean interface for a mobile app?

Unlike a website, where we emphasize more on texts, a mobile app is built to provide its users with a seamless experience to engage & get engaged.

In the absence of a clean interface, a mobile app may fail to deliver an intuitive experience.

Here are some of the tips to make a mobile app interface clean:

  • Less advertisements
  • Limited colors usage
  • Less but clear call-to-action elements lik button
  • Less texts
  • Appropriate font size

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