5 Ways To Save Around 50% On Your Mobile Apps Development

affordable mobile apps singapore

While it’s true that a mobile app has become an effective tool to do & grow business in the modern era, most startups & SMEs are still not convinced to build mobile apps for their businesses.

The major reason for their reluctance is perhaps the high cost of mobile app development.

I am sure that if small business owners get a 50% discount on the total cost of app development, about 70% of them would definitely go for it.

affordable mobile apps singapore

It’s not like you can’t get your mobile apps at a lower price.

In this blog post, I will be sharing 5 tips that will help you to lower your mobile app development cost by almost 50%.

#1 Choose React Native

Yes, it’s true that choosing React Native to develop your mobile app can alone help you to reduce your development cost.

How is it possible?

When your developers build mobile apps using React Native, they just need to work on a single code base (rather than working separately for both iOS & Android) and therefore the time effort is reduced by 50%. By simply reducing the timeframe to build your apps, you get to pay lesser money as well.

The good news is that choosing React Native will not affect the quality of work & UI at all.

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#2 Go For Templates

If you want to save money on your app development, you must go for template designs for your apps.

This simply means that you buy readymade app screens from a 3rd party designer and your app developer will just need to integrate them with their codes.

By purchasing readymade app template designs (that cost less than $100) rather than investing in custom designs that can increase your mobile app’s cost by almost 15%, you can save a lot of money.

#3 Hire Affordable PHP Developers

For the web services that will be integrated with your apps, you can find & hire an affordable web PHP developer who can develop PHP codes and coordinate with your app developer to finish your project successfully.

You can easily find and hire affordable web developers in Singapore.

Another thing to note here is that your app developer may also suggest you go with JAVA or .NET over PHP which is not bad but you must consider the fact that they cost to hire JAVA or .NET developers are too higher when compared to hiring a PHP developer.

So if you have a limited budget for your app development, always go with PHP.


#4 Know What You Want

Knowing exactly what you want will also save your development cost. As a mobile app consultant in Singapore, I have experienced that most business owners are not sure what they want and rely completely on their app developers.

As a result, when their app developer delivers the final product to them, they are often dissatisfied with the outcome and request to make changes.

Some of the app developers agree to make the changes without any additional cost but most of them demand additional money to accommodate new changes. This may even lead to disputes sometimes.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Be sure in advance what exactly you want. Define your expectations upfront.

If required, put as much time as possible into your mobile app design finalization. When you have all the interface designs of your mobile app ready with you, the work becomes much easier and the chances of mismatched expected outcomes between you & your developer become slim.

#5 Hire Affordable App Developers

Similar to web development, mobile app development is not a one-time event. Instead, it’s an ongoing process.

Even after you launch your mobile apps, you will definitely need a mobile app developer who can not only upgrade your apps but also take care of bugs & issues that may arise in the future.

Therefore, you must have a contract or agreement with your app developer to provide you with great support at an affordable annual cost.

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