5 Ways in which an app developer can cut down your app development cost by more than 40%

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When we think about mobile application development, we think about a huge investment. Isn’t it?

There are many small businesses or startups who’ve really got great ideas and want to test them out, but their fear of investing a huge amount of money in mobile app development stops them to go ahead.

If you are also among those small businesses or entrepreneurs who want to build low cost mobile apps, here’s a good news for you!

There are 5 ways in which an app developer can help you to build a mobile application that’s affordable yet stable.

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#1 Using a cross-platform technology

When you look at the mobile app development cost on a broader plane, you hardly pay attention to the development technologies that your developer will be using. 

But when you dig further down on different options available for building a mobile app, you may be surprised to know that a mobile app that you had thought would cost you more than $10K can be built in just $5K. 

How is it possible?

Yes, by choosing different technologies.

For example, if your app developer has quoted you for a native mobile app development, it may cost you on a higher side but if you seek a quotation for the same app from a different developer who can use cross-platform technologies like PhoneGap, you will be astonished to see the development cost can go down by almost 50%.

#2 Using prebuilt mobile app designs

This point can be applicable to you only if you are not worried about your branding at the initial stage of your app launch. 

Here I am talking about using prebuilt app designs

If your budget is low and you really need an app to test your ideas out, why not to go for a rebuilt designs. Why should you invest in custom design when you already have a low budget?

Choosing a prebuilt design template vs custom design alone can help you to bring down the app development cost by almost 20%. Isn’t it a big saving for a startup?

#3 Using prebuilt libraries & modules

Similar to the prebuilt designs, your app developer can also make use of prebuilt libraries and modules that are already available to use & customise without paying hefty charges. 

Developing a piece of code for each feature from scratch can cost you a lot however when your developer uses a pre-defined set of codes and customise a bit, he can save your money.

#4 Building MVP first

MVP (minimum viable product) is a great way to launch & test your mobile application in a low budget. 

You may have an idea that consists tons of features but why not to go with the minimum requirements first. 

Launching your MVP first will not only save your initial development cost but it will also help in several ways, mainly:

  • By launching MVP, you get to know the feedback of your users based on which you can make necessary changes in your next phase(s).
  • By launching MVP first, you can set aside your saved investment and put it into marketing of your mobile app.

#5 Going with Android first

It’s true that iOS users have been increasing day by day but there is still a majority of Android users

In order to reduce your app development cost, you can go for an Android version first

Of course, when you choose a single operating system to build your mobile application, you can easily save more than 30% of the total development cost that you would have spent in building for both the operating systems. 



Let’s not make “mobile application development” a scary concept just because of the high cost involved in it. 

Instead, we must understand that if our budget is not enough but we do have some great ideas to test out, what can be the best available options for us to actualise our idea and get that dream app.

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