5 Major Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail & How To Fix Them

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Mobile apps are everywhere. 

Every business owner is thinking of new ways to serve their customers in a unique way. Even many entrepreneurs are relying on just mobile apps to start & grow their businesses.

But does every mobile app concept succeeds?

The answer is obviously ‘No’.

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While it’s true that there are hundreds of mobile apps that get launched every day, the flip side is that more than 70% of these apps fail.

In this blog post, I have shared 5 major reasons why mobile apps fail.

#1 Lack of Market Research

Before you think about hiring an app developer to build your mobile application, you must consider a few things:

a. Is your app idea unique?

b. Will your app help people solve their problems?

c. How’s the competition?

d. Are you making someone’s life easier?

If your mobile app idea doesn’t have any of the above objectives, you need to think again & revamp your concept.

How To Fix

Don’t do what others are already doing, especially if they are already doing well. Unless your ideas have some additional advantage than what people are already enjoying in the market, don’t invest your money & time into it.

#2 Selection of Inappropriate Platform

As a mobile app consultant, I experience that many business owners & entrepreneurs try to save their app development costs by choosing the wrong or inappropriate platform and later they realize but by then, it’s already too late.

For eg., many people decide to build their mobile app for one platform only, in order to save development costs, without realizing that most of their targeted audience uses another platform.

As a result, they are not able to tap a massive audience which further leads to the failure of their app.

How To Fix

Don’t let this happen to you.

If you want to make your mobile app a success, choose an appropriate platform, or if required, go for both.

#3 Following Same Web Approach

We must accept that a website is different from a mobile app, in many ways.

But still, many business owners, especially app developers, don’t realize this and tend to provide the same features as their websites.

As a result? Yes, it leads to the failure of the mobile app.

The primary objective to have a mobile app is to help users to make their choices & decisions easier. This can be done by focusing only on those things that matter. 

How To Fix

The lesser things you focus on in your mobile app, the higher will be the chances of getting success in it.

#4 Poor User Experience

Given the small & limited area to play on a mobile screen, it becomes super important to provide users with a rich experience.

In fact, mobile apps are well-known for providing great user experience. When we hear about any new app in the market, we begin to question “how this app will help me to solve my problem?” “how this app will entertain me?” or most importantly “how this app will change my lifestyle?“.

But unfortunately, most of the apps that get launched every day fail to provide a great user experience which makes them unfavorite among their targeted audience.

How To Fix

Think from the user’s perspective. Not all users are some. Some of them are excellent at operating mobile phones but many of them are laymen too.

If you are also looking to develop a new app for your business, you may like to read one of my previous blogs on “how to improve the user experience of any mobile application“.

#5 Lack of Marketing

Ok, that’s the last but not the least factor, which is the lack of proper marketing, which leads to the failure of a mobile app.

Let’s assume that you have developed a great app with lots of useful features and a great user experience. But the question is “who will know about your app?“.  Or in other words, who will download your app?

Yes, that’s the major reason why many great apps went unnoticed & were never appreciated.

How To Fix

Discuss with your mobile apps consultant how you can promote your app effectively so that you can more a target audience at an affordable cost.

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