5 Major reasons why mobile applications crash

mobile application crash issues

The reliability of any mobile app is as important as its existence.

Since more and more users may depend on your mobile apps to carry out their businesses, it’s important to ensure that your mobile app is stable & robust and doesn’t crash abruptly.

mobile application crash issues

Although, there are several reasons why mobile applications crash, here I’ve shared 5 major reasons that your app maker must take care of. 

#1 Poor memory usage

Poor memory management is perhaps the most important reason of any mobile app’s crash issue.

How do inappropriate memory usage leads to crash of a mobile app?

When any app spins too many threads & take up the memory resources of a mobile device, it may cause a crash. 

It is therefore, crucial for all the app developers to take care of the memory allocation for their application so that it doesn’t consume unnecessary resources of the device.

#2 Fatal errors during app development

It is very much likely that while developing your mobile app, your developer may have overlooked some of the fatal errors that causes the app to crash abruptly. 

In most of the cases where your app developer is required to add new features in your application, the other features may get affected and produce these fatal errors.

What’s the solution here.

After adding the new functionalities to your mobile application, your app developer must ensure to perform a thorough testing in order to locate & fix any possible bug(s).

#3 Device incompatibility

Device incompatibility is among the most popular issues of an app crash.

Does your app work fine on Android devices but surfaces crash issues on iOS? 

Or, if your app works well on some of the Android devices but doesn’t work properly on other Android handsets, it could be a device incompatibility issue. 

The best way for the app developers to check their application for device compatibility is to test their apps for different devices. This could be done either through app stimulators or performing manual tests on different devices. 

#4 Integration dependencies

Usually, the integration dependency of an app could be in 2 forms:

  • If your mobile application is not well synced with its web services, it may cause frequent crashes.
  • If your app uses 3rd party APIs and its not communicating well with the external server, it may also cause a crash.

So here is another area for you or your app developer look upon while tracing out the possible causes for your app crash. 

#5 Changes in data network

Have you ever encountered any issue of app crash while switching over your data connection from wi-fi to cellular network or vice versa? I am sure you did. 

Don’t let this happen to your app users. 

Switching over of data network must be an integral part of any app testing process. 

In other words, while testing your mobile app, you or your developer must switch over the data network of the device in order to ensure that there is no lag or crash while doing so.

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