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5 Features that your social media mobile application must have

Social media has become an integral part of internet. Almost every internet user has a social profile and they like to hangout on their preferred social platform. 

Why just hangout, social media portals like Facebook & LinkedIn can also help you to grow your business through their advertising platform. 

Various studies have shown that approximately 2.80 billion people now use social media frequently, which is equivalent to about 37% of the worldwide population. And of course, these numbers are increasing and do not show any signs of slowing down.

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But did you know that most of the internet users access social media networks using their mobile devices? This simply means that the mobile applications of these social networking websites are in huge demand. 

If you too are planning to build a social media app, this blog post is for you. In this blog post, I’ve shared 5 essential features that your social media mobile must have. 

Let’s begin.

#1 Connectivity

The primary objective of any social media app is to bring together & keep in touch with friends, family, and idols all over the world. Therefore, the ease of connectivity should be your top priority while building your app. 

Below are but some of the essential things that you must request your app developer to provide you with:

  • Seamless navigation features
  • No stress on signup or login
  • Easy verification process
  • No stress on finding & connective with peers, friends and others. 

The easier & convenient your app is to use & connect, the more users you will get.


#2 Security

In order to keep the personal information of your users safe & confidential, the security of your social media app is of utmost importance. You must ensure that the users shouldn’t end-up losing their personal information to other users with the wrong motives.

Below are few things that your app developer can do to secure your social media app:

  • Making use of finest cryptography techniques
  • Deploy session handling properly
  • Provide least privileges 
  • Making use of authorised APIs only
  • Using data encryption

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#3 Easy integration with other social networks

To make your social media app popular, it’s important to integrate it with some of the top social apps like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Outbound sharing will also grow your users organically.

In addition to this, your app users will also be able to directly invite their friends to use personal messaging channels like Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook and more.

#4 Ability to customize profiles

Creating & editing personal profiles is perhaps one of the important features of any social media app. People really want to have an ability to update or customize their profiles hassle-free. 

There are several things which you can take care of, in order to ease the profile customization process. Some of them are below:

  • Ability to resize the profile picture. 
  • Ability to give nice effects to profile picture. 
  • Ability to define interests, behaviour & preferences. 
  • Ability to stop notifications and other promotional messages. 
  • Ability to verify email or phone number hassle-free.

If your users find the profile creating & updating process troublesome or if they encounter any errors during profile creation, they may quit and uninstall your app.

#5 Logical newsfeed

Similar to Facebook and other popular social networking platforms, your social media app must also have a logical yet concise newsfeed for every user based on their interests, behaviour and likes.

Building the newsfeed algorithm is perhaps the most important task for your app builder because if it’s done logically & correctly, it will increase your app’s user-engagement rate however if done wrongly, it can really affect your user base badly.

Other than the newsfeed, all the notifications to be sent to your users must be optional. All the users must have the option to subscribe or unsubscribe for the notifications. 

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