5 C’S To Build & Maintain A Successful Mobile Application

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There are tons of mobile applications available on the stores, isn’t it? But, are all of them successful? Of course not.

Why is that not all of the apps are successful? 

What are the essential ingredients of a successful mobile apps?

These are the questions that I am often being asked by my prospects & customers.

successful mobile apps development singapore

In this post, I have shared 5 C’s that make a mobile app successful.

#1 Clarity Of Concept

Focusing on a single purpose that helps solve a particular problem can be considered as the clarity of concept.

In other words, clarity of concept for a mobile app is:

  • Understanding the pain point of targeted audience
  • Working toward providing a solution
  • Knowing what needs to be done
  • Knowing the expected outcome

Many apps today have no clarity on their core values, due to which the users get confused and stop using them.

Think about any successful mobile app. I bet you can briefly tell about its core concept by using it for just a few minutes.

#2 Clarity Of Process

Clarity of process means knowing the exact flow of your mobile application. Before getting started on any mobile app development, a logical process must be designed.

While defining or designing the logical process, below factors must be considered for the purpose of its clarity:

  • Reason of building the app
  • Starting point for the users
  • Minimising the steps
  • End result expected by the users

I am sure you must have been through several mobile apps when you were unaware about the process and clueless about the next steps.

This confusion is generally caused due to the lack of process clarity. This is certainly something, successful apps don’t have them at all.

#3 Clarity Of Design

If you analyze some of the most successful apps, you will find the design is one of the common ingredients among all of them. This simply means that the design of your app is vital to its success.

Here are but few quick tips to ensure that your application has a clarity of design:

  • Think about different screen sizes & resolutions
  • Keep it simple
  • App screens must be visually appealing
  • Consistency of colours through the application
  • Clear & separated texts
  • Easy navigation
  • Accessibility of important elements with a single thumb
  • Responsive design

So, if you’re building your app, ensure that all of the above tips must be followed by your mobile app developer.

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#4 Continuous Improvement

Why continuous improvement is important for mobile applications?

A mobile app seldom gets successful in one go. A continuous enhancement is required in order to make it a master piece.

Here are some of the major reasons of improving an app on continuous basis:

  • Users’ expectations always exceed with the time
  • Technology changes with the time and its important to cope-up with it
  • Budget can be split among different phases
  • Incorporate more features based on existing users feedback
  • Beat the competition by adding more features

#5 Customer Feedback

As we already know that a mobile app needs continuous improvement in order to succeed. And the customers’ feedback is the best source to get valuable feedback for improving an app. 

Therefore, all of the successful mobile apps always have an option for the users to provide their feedback.

Here are 6 major reasons of getting customers’ feedback regularly.

  • It helps to improve the mobile app
  • It helps to measure the customer satisfaction
  • It shows that you value your customers
  • It helps you to build an app that has the best customer experience
  • It helps to retain your customers/users
  • It helps you to take important business decisions

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