4 Things To Know When You Need A Mobile Application

mobile application development singapore

Are you looking for your mobile application developer? Perhaps you have a great idea and now you have been searching for an app developer who can transform your idea into an application.

mobile application development singapore

This blog post will help you to know 4 important things when you need a mobile app. 

Let’s start!

#1 Searching For Ideas

The success of any mobile application largely depends on the idea around which the app has been developed.

If you do have a great idea for your mobile app, congratulations!

But if you are still looking for some inspirations or unique ideas, below are but few major sources to get those ideas:

  • Current Popular Apps:¬†If you intend to create a mobile app, you can start by analyzing & following the strategies of other developers. If their apps are so popular, there must be a defined strategy that they have adopted in order to make their apps profitable. You can follow it too.
  • Google Trends:¬†Google Trends is a free tool created by Google. As the name suggests, it helps you track the current trends on the internet. It can greatly help you, if you are not sure what‚Äôs in trend and what‚Äôs not.
  • Friends & Family:¬†You can also seek help from your family, friends or close colleagues.
  • Pain Points:¬†Start answering some of the questions that describe the pain points of your targeted audience or industry and I am sure that you will come up with at least 15 to 20 great ideas to develop a mobile app within your industry or community.
  • Your Own Master Mind:¬†You can also focus on all the ideas that are hidden inside your mind and write all of them on a piece of paper. These ideas don‚Äôt have to be super amazing. You can even write ideas that seems to be weird or stupid.

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#2 Search For An App Developer

Once you get your that unique idea to build a mobile application, the next step is to find & hire an app developer.

Before you shortlist and hire any app developer, here are few things to check.

  • Lookout For App Development Experience: When it comes to mobile app development, believe me, experience does matter a lot. An experienced app developer can save you from all the hassles that may arise during your app development and above all, he can help you save money too.
  • Lookout For App Development Skills: What are the skills of your app developer? Is he or she using obsolete technology to build your mobile application? This is really a very important question to ask before you hire an app developer.
  • Quality Over Cost: Of course, everybody wants to save their money. But when it comes to the mobile app development, do not compromise on the quality, just for the save of some money.
  • Check Out Their App Works: While hiring a mobile app builder, do ensure to check his past works. Especially if they can show you some of their previous works that are similar to your requirements, it would be really great. Because you will be sure that your project will be done satisfactorily.
  • Check Out Their Communication Skills: Checking the communication skills of your app developer is very important, before you outsource your project. In the absence of an effective communication, your project may go haywire.
  • Discuss Budget & Timeframe Upfront: In order to avoid any kind of disappointments, do make sure to discuss the cost to develop your app and the timeframe to finish it as well.
  • Explain Your Business Before Hiring: It’s not about just developing a software. Your app developer must understand your business fully. Only then, he or she can put the required effort & build your application successfully.
  • Lookout For Suggestions: An experienced app developer can also help you in improving your mobile application. He or she can suggest you some great ideas which you can consider to incorporate in your mobile app.
  • Lookout For Long-Term Association: Mobile application development is a long-term project. It’s not a one-time thing. You do need the cooperation of your app developer to upgrade your application in future.

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#3 Signing A Mobile App Contract

For the execution of a successful mobile application, you do need to sign a contract with your app developer.

Here are but few important clauses that a mobile app contract must have:

  • Scope Of Work:¬†A contract must have the complete scope of work for your mobile app development. This is also helpful to avoid any kind of possible arguments & conflicts with your app developer.
  • Payment Terms:¬†Your mobile app contract must also state about the payment terms clearly.
  • Source Codes:¬†You must also ensure to include the clause of handing over the source codes to you upon the app completion.
  • Termination:¬†In which situation the app development contract can be terminated, you must have this clause mentioned in your contract as well.
  • Non-Disclosure:¬†You may have a unique idea that no one has ever worked on.¬† In these situations, you must have a clause of non-disclosure in your app development contract.
  • Warranty:¬†Is your app developer providing you with the service warranty on his work? An app development contract should have warranty clause too. Again, this is to avoid any kind of conflicts and disagreements between you and your developer.
  • Obligations:¬†What are the obligations of your app developer? Have it mentioned in the contract too.

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#4 Market Your Mobile Application

Building a mobile app is not a huge challenge. You can easily hire an app developer to create an affordable app for you. But the most important thing is to promote your mobile app in order to make it successful.

  • Plan The Marketing In Advance:¬†Your marketing campaign must be ready before the completion of your app. You can also plan to start a pre-launch marketing campaign in order to build awareness about your application.
  • Prepare A Business Plan:¬†What would be your targeted audience? How you will be monetizing your application? You must consider all of these questions while formulating a marketing plan for your app.
  • Develop A Website:¬†Having a website will also help your app to gain recognition. For instance, you can mention some of the important features and benefits of using your app on your website. You can also optimize your website for search engines so that you can get organic traffic on your website and eventually they will download & install your app.
  • Go For Press:¬†Talking about your mobile app in press release directories will also help you to gain recognition and get more downloads & installs for your app.
  • Social Media:¬†Everybody is on social media. Your targeted audience is there as well. So you can include social media as an integral part of your marketing campaign.
  • Gain Visibility:¬†Gaining visibility for your application is crucial for its promotion. You can gain the visibility of your app through various mediums like email marketing, rating website, running contests etc.
  • Optimize Your App’s Page On the Store:¬†While uploading your application on the stores, you must pay attention to your app page where you can write a nice description with features & benefits of your app, include some screenshots and include relevant keywords so that your app could be found when users are searching for those keywords.

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