23 Checkpoints before designing & creating a mobile application

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We all know that a mobile application can totally change the game of your business. If you have got any great idea, you can build a mobile app around it to grow your business or set a new trend in the industry. 

The cost to develop a mobile application is also not very huge these days. You can hire an affordable mobile app developer who can help you to create your dream app. 

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But wait! Before you jump into your app development, you do need to ask yourself a lot of important questions that you must answer before you proceed to hire an app developer.

In this blog post, I’ve shared 23 check list that you must consider before investing your money in app development. I have divided these checkpoints into 5 categories. 

  • Business
  • Technology
  • Design
  • Security
  • Maintenance

Let’s get started!

#1 Business

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  • Who are your targeted customers or audience? Who will be benefited from your mobile application?
  • What are the pain point(s) that you are going to cover with your mobile app?
  • If there is any unique idea around which you want to build your mobile app, have you done your research whether this concept is already existing in the market or not?
  • Have you thought about the monetization techniques for your mobile app?

#2 Technology

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  • Which platforms (iOS, Android etc) and OS versions you will build your mobile application for?
  • Will your app developer build native apps, hybrid apps or mobile web for you?
  • Do you want common app for both mobiles & tablets or you need different versions?
  • How your app will deal with data connectivity? Will it be primarily for GPRS, 3G, 4G, WiFi or no connectivity will be required to run your apps?
  • Will your app have features like GPS, camera, storage, calendar etc.
  • Will you need payment gateway integration with your app? If yes, would it be PayPal, bank credit/debit cards integration or other gateways?
  • Will your app be based on subscription plans?
  • Will you run advertisements on your apps?
  • Will your app offer in-app purchases?

#3 Design

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  • What would be the color combinations of your app screens?
  • Will the design of your app be primarily for portrait or landscape?
  • How your app will deal with users’ gestures like swipe, click etc.?
  • Will you need any kind of animation on your app?

#4 Security

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  • Will your app be using sensitive information like credit card details?
  • Will your application use secure network protocols?
  • Will your app secure the communication to the server against data breach?

#5 Maintenance

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  • How often you will upgrade your mobile app versions?
  • Will your app be able to handle OS updates?
  • Have you shortlisted or hired any mobile app builder or development company to maintain your mobile app on regular basis?

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