15 Essential Features Of An On-Demand Delivery Mobile App

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Do you already have a logistics business & you are looking to automate your delivery process through a mobile application? Great idea! 

But before you get your mobile apps development started, you must list down all of the essential features of your application in order to facilitate your delivery process seamlessly.

In this blog post, you will find 15 essential features of an on-demand delivery mobile application.

For Customers

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#1 Easy Booking

The process is perhaps the backbone of any delivery mobile application. The customers must be able to:

  • Choose pickup & delivery location
  • Choose vehicle type
  • Enter the size & weight of their parcel/packet
  • View the price
  • Proceed to booking

#2 Easy Payments

Availability of all the major payment methods is the key to get more orders. Some of these payment methods could be:

  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Local payment gateway in your region

#3 Booking Confirmation

Once the customer makes a successful payment for their booking, they must receive a booking confirmation with all of the details of their respective bookings.

Just sending them a line of confirmation may not be a great idea. Your app developer must code a comprehensive booking confirmation email that must be sent to the customer immediately upon the successful payment.

#4 Tracking Ability

After successful booking and job acceptance by the driver, the customers must be able to track the location of the driver so that they can guide them how to reach the pickup location easily.

This tracking should in the real-time so that the customer should know the route driver is taking and the estimated arrival time too.

#5 View Status

After the driver has picked up the parcel and proceed to deliver it, the customer must be able to view the delivery status. Some of the common delivery statuses are:

  • Picked-up
  • Under process
  • Delivered
  • Postponed
  • Returned

#6 Ratings & Reviews

Finally, the customers must be able to write the reviews of their riders or drivers who accepted & delivered their job.

These reviews & ratings will be helpful for the mobile app to prioritise the drivers according to their scores.

For Drivers/Riders

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#1 Prompt Notification

The drivers or riders must be notified immediately as and when any new delivery request is posted by the customers. This will enable the drivers to accept or pass the requests.

#2 Tracking Ability

Once the driver or rider accepts the delivery job, they must be able to view & track the pickup location.

#3 Calling Ability

The drivers must have an ability to call the customers if they find any issue in reaching the pickup point. 

At the same time, the driver must also be able to call the recipient once they have picked-up the parcel and have headed toward the delivery point.

#4 Ability To Update Status

Once the driver picks up the parcel and is ready for the delivery, he or she must be able to change the delivery status so that both the customers as well as their respective recipients are able to view the updated status.

#5 Generate POD

After the successful delivery of parcel to the final location, the driver or rider must be able to take a picture as a proof of delivery. 

This POD must be uploaded on the app so that the customer can view it. The POD images must be saved on the server for the future reference of any delivery investigation.

#6 Ratings & Reviews

Similar to the customers, the driver must be able to write the ratings and reviews about the customers upon successful delivery of the parcel.

For Recipients

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#1 Order Confirmation

The recipients must get an email or SMS confirmation once any booking request has been accepted by the driver. This confirmation must also have a link to download the app from the respective stores.

#2 Tracking Ability

After the recipient installs the app on their device, they must be able to track the drivers.

#3 Calling Ability

The recipient must also be able to call the drivers, if they wish to.

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