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15 Essential Features Of A Marketplace Mobile Application

Mobile app development has now become a very important part of delivering a convenient and comfortable experience to the customers for shopping online. 

Businesses are expected to offer buyers with native Android & iOS apps (two of the most popular and ubiquitous mobile platforms) to meet the demands of the evolving marketplace.

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If you are also considering undertaking app development, you should strive to make sure that your marketplace mobile application has all the makings of a successful mobile app.

Here, we bring you a list of 15 essential features that your mobile app builders need to take care of for your mobile app to be a hit amongst your customers.

Let’s get started.

#1 Support For All The Devices

Providing support for the maximum range of mobile devices ensures that you get maximum reach among your customers, no matter what mobile platform they are riding on. 

This can largely be covered by providing both an Android app and an iOS app.

#2 Ease Of Navigation

Nobody is a fan of complex features that are hard to navigate. 

A well-designed marketplace mobile app should not make the customers run around in circles to perform a simple task. 

Easy to follow and organized navigation go a long way in enhancing user experience.

#3 Secure Payments

Secure payments are a must have feature for any marketplace mobile app. 

Not only will your app will be prone to data losses and hacks without security, it will also affect the reliability and credibility of your brand amongst your customers.

#4 Push Notifications

Reminding the customers of daily promotions & updates prompts your users to take actions that serve your business purpose. 

This feature also enhances the consistency of your brand in the customer’s mind.

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#5 Swift Checkout Process

This key feature on a marketplace mobile app allows your customers to complete their orders using information in their profile for shipping and billing. 

The checkout process in your e-commerce mobile app should be made as simple as possible so that your customers do not abandon the shopping cart without completing the ordering process.

#6 Sync With Your E-Commerce Website

Sync feature prevents you (as an app owner) from having to manually update data shared between both the platforms (web & mobile). 

The synchronisation between your mobile app and e-commerce website will help you not only to manage the content on both the platforms easily, but it will also help your customers to place their order through any of the platforms

#7 Social Logins

This helps users in easy login and registration using their social account credentials. 

Integration with social media should also be done by your app developer in order to make it easier for the users to share the products or webpages on social media platforms.

#8 Wish List

Wish list feature allows customers to bookmark the products that they would like to buy. 

This also allows you to keep the customers abreast about offers that can be applied to the products in their wish list. Targeting marketing for items in the wish list helps you achieve a better conversion rate.

#9 Robust Analytics

Your mobile app developers should also integrate robust analytic scripts in your mobile app so that you can track the customers’ behavioural and interaction data. 

This will help you to improve the customer experience of your marketplace app. 

It will also help you measure growth, progress and success of your business.

#10 Advanced Features

Both of your Android and iOS apps should provide for advanced features like voice assisted search. 

This will make it swift and easier for your customers to find their desired products

An advanced search feature will also help new visitors in navigating to their desired products without going through much hassle.

#11 Reviews & Ratings

Your mobile application should also ensure that the users have ways of providing reviews & ratings on your products and services

Reviews have great convincing power, as they come from legitimate customers and are not looked down upon as mere marketing tactics. 

They help you build a community around your products.

#12 Order Tracking

Letting your customers track their orders via the mobile app not only improves customer shopping experience but also takes the burden off your shoulders. 

Order tracking also helps you have a better handle on your logistics.

#13 Coupons

Your customers are always looking for value for money. 

Providing your customers with coupon codes is a great way of achieving your sales targets. It also acts as an effective tool of moving surplus inventory.

#14 Multiple Payment Gateways

Not only should your app development strive to deliver multiple ways for customers to pay for their order but also provide them the option of making the payment in multiple currencies. 

A few popular modes of payment are credit/debit cards, e-wallet, mobile payments, net banking and cash on delivery.

#15 Feedback

Having a feedback system on your marketplace app not only allows you to receive first hand reviews about your mobile app, direct from the end-users, but it also makes your users feel important.

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