12 Myths About Mobile Application You Must Know

mobile apps development ideas

Do you have a great idea and planning to develop an app around it? 

mobile apps development ideas

Before you get started your mobile app development & hiring an app developer, here are 12 myths that you must know.

#1 Mobile Apps Are Expensive

Many businesses don’t even dare to think mobile apps for them because they think it takes fortune to develop mobile applications. 

It’s a myth.

The cost to develop a mobile app depends on its features & functionalities. The more complex features you need for your app, the higher will be the cost of development.

Also, there are several affordable app developers and app design companies that you can hire to build your application.

#2 Mobile App Development Takes Time

This is again a very common myth. 

As a mobile app consultant, I keep getting questions like “Will it take more than 6 months to build my app” or “Can you complete our application in one year?”. 

In most of the cases, they’ve had bad experiences with their previous app developers.

But I would like to mention here that the mobile app development doesn’t necessarily takes months or year to build. 

While a simple e-commerce app can be completed in 2 months, a complicated mobile app can take 4 months and a simple informative app can be finished in a month.

#3 Mobile App Development Is A One-Time Thing

Whether it’s a mobile app or website design, it requires continuous improvement and enhancement to maintain them.

Developing a mobile app is one thing, but maintaining & upgrading is another.

So, mobile application is definitely not a one-time thing.

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#4 Mobile App Is Just For Smartphones

No, mobile app are not just for smartphones. 

An app can be developed for tablets, smartwatches and other wearables too.

#5 Mobile Apps Have To be Right First Time

I have experienced that most of the entrepreneurs want to achieve everything for their mobile app in the first go. It is practically impossible, in most of the cases.

You must build your app in stages. 

The first stage should be based on MVP (minimum viable product) that must be launched to get the valuable feedback & insights from the users.

Based on the feedbacks, you can further improve & enhance your mobile application.

This process will also save your app development cost. Because in this case, you will split your overall budget in different phases.

#6 Mobile App Development Is The Only Thing

For any business to be successful, its marketing plays a vital role. 

Same is the case with mobile apps too.

Without effective marketing strategy, your mobile app may not do well. Therefore, before even you initiate your app development, plan about its marketing too.

#7 Mobile App Should Be Based On New Ideas

You don’t necessarily need an out-of-the-box idea or an innovative concept to build your app.

Analyse any existing mobile app, list out its drawbacks or loopholes and make a plan to build an improved version of this app. 

If your version is better than the original application and if your marketing strategy is good, you can be successful.

#8 Mobile Apps Marketing Is Expensive

Many people think that marketing a mobile app may cost them fortune. Therefore, they have a misconception that they need an investor or huge funds to promote their application. 

It’s not true.

You can still spread your app through effective yet affordable marketing strategies such as Facebook Advertising, App Search Optimization, YouTube Advertising, Google Display Advertising and more…

#9 Mobile Apps Is For Big Companies Only

As I have already shared above that many small business owners think that it takes fortune to develop & advertise an app, it is therefore suitable for big companies only.

While the truth is that any startup or small business can develop their mobile app and run it successfully too.

#10 Mobile Apps Development Should Be Done In-House

If you too think that you need to hire a full-time app developer to build your application, think about it again. 

Outsourcing your app development project is perhaps one of the best moves toward achieving success in your business.

By outsourcing your mobile application development, you can save your recurring cost that can be further invested in your app marketing.

#11 Just Android Is Enough

I meet many entrepreneurs who want to build their app and think that starting with Android will be a great idea for them because it will save their development cost.

This is not true.

With the increasing numbers of iOS device users during last few years, you simply can’t afford to miss this segment.

#12 Mobile App Doesn't Need A Website

Whether you intend to synchronise your mobile app with your website (with the same features) or not, you do need a website.

Even if your application is a standalone product, you do need a website (or landing page) to showcase the features of your app and advertise your app.

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