11 Essential Features Of A Grocery Mobile Application

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Are you looking to develop a mobile application for your grocery business?

Or perhaps you are a startup looking to create a mobile application to allow users to buy grocery online.

Whichever the case, this blog post will help you to learn about 11 essential features that you can’t afford to miss during your mobile application development.

Let’s get started.

#1 Cart Sharing

Allowing your users to share their cart with their friends & community members will help your app get more orders. 

Not only this, but it will also help in enhancing your brand awareness.

#2 Multiple Payment Methods

Having several payment methods in your grocery mobile app will help all kind of users to checkout, pay & place their orders with you. 

Not all of the customers prefer PayPal or Credit Cards. 

Therefore, you must request your mobile app developer to provide multiple payment methods which will help your potential customers choose their preferred method(s).

#3 Re-ordering

Since a grocery mobile application will have most of the products for the daily use. 

You can also provide your customer with an option to re-order their previous cart again, without going through the hassles of adding them again to the cart.

#4 Monthly Subscription

Again, grocery items are required by the customers on monthly or daily basis.

Therefore, it makes sense for them to subscribe with your application and receive their daily-use items every month, automatically.

This is how monthly subscription can work for your grocery mobile application:

  • Customers choose to subscribe for monthly delivery of their preset items.
  • Customers give their consent through your app to deduct payment from their credit card every month, automatically.
  • Customers receive their preset orders every month, at their doorstep.

#5 First Order Discount

In order to encourage new customers to place their orders, you can provide them with a certain discount on their first order, through your mobile app.

#6 Discount Coupons

Other than the first order discount, you can also have a promo code option at the checkout page of your grocery mobile app. This will allow you, an administrator, to create new discount coupons regularly and encourage your customers to use them in order to get discount on their next purchase.

#7 Email Subscription

Collecting emails has always been an integral part of any online business. This allows the business owners to get in touch with their existing customer base and email them about new arrivals & promo codes on various occasions. 

So, you must ask your app developer to incorporate this feature of email subscription in your application.

#8 Short Forms

No body wants to fill out lengthy forms to checkout, especially on mobile phones. Therefore, you must ensure that your app develop make use of short & sweet forms for checkout.

Short checkout forms will help your business to get more business & lesser order abandonment rate.

#9 Guest Checkout

Whether its an e-commerce website or an app, do not force your potential buyers to register with you. 

You must allow them to checkout as a guest so that they can quickly place their orders with you.

Not having a guest checkout system is also one of the major reasons for high order abandonment rate on e-commerce websites and applications.

#10 Wishlist

Having a wish-list on your e-commerce mobile app will allow your customers to add their save their orders and checkout next time when they open your app.

Especially in case of a grocery mobile app, where users do see the items that they may need in near future but may not buy immediately, a wish-list system will definitely help to boost your online sales.

#11 Reminders

Reminders can prove to be a helpful too for your mobile application to get repeated orders from the same customer base.

How does a reminder system works with a grocery application?

The users can select certain items from their cart and choose to set a reminder on a regular basis for those products. 

These items could be such that they will need every week or every month. 

For instance, a can opt to receive specific fruits or vegetables on weekly basis. They can also choose the duration after which they would like to receive reminder notifications for eg. every 7 days, every 15 days or every 30 days.

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