Understanding Post Types in WordPress

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What is Post Type in WordPress?

Content is the most important part of any WordPress website and there are several pre-defined content types however you may need to add some custom content types according to your specific requirements. In this blog post, you will learn about the default post types in WordPress and why you need to add custom post types for your WordPress website.

WordPress has five predefined post types in a default installation:

1. Post – Posts or articles are usually ordered by date

2. Page – Static pages of content ordered hierarchically

3. Attachment – Media which you can upload to WordPress in the form of images & files and attach them to your post-type entries

4. Ā Revision -A revision of a post type used as backup and can be restored if needed

5. Nav Menus – Menu items added to a nav menu using menu management

If you intend to do simple blogging using WordPress, the above features would suffice your needs however if you want to extend the features and build a full-fledged CMS WordPress website for your business, you may need to add custom post types.

What is Custom Post Type?

If your CMS website demands some content to be added in a different format than the default post types (explained above), you can define your own post types which are known as custom post types. For eg. if your CMS website demands the below features to be added, you may need to add custom post types:

1. Products

2. Testimonials

3. Events

4. Videos


Basically, you can think of any feature, and custom post-type features of WordPress can help you. In our next blog post, I will share with you how you can add custom post types to your WordPress website.