Removing Dates from Posts on Your WordPress Website/Blog

If you are not regular in publishing posts on your WordPress website or blog, then you might want to disable the date display feature on your website so that none of your posts show older dates. This can be achieved quite easily even if you are not a web designer.


Caution: Do make sure you back up your website before you make any changes, just in case…

Go to the link ‘Appearance > Editor’ in your WordPress admin section and find the link ‘function.php’.Once you click this link,it will open the codes of this file (function.php) and there you can add the below piece of code on the very top of the codes (of course, after the opening <?php line.


If the above codes don’t help, then you can try the below code which is an aggressive version of the above code to hide the dates from your posts.


But as I mentioned earlier, do not forget to backup your files/website before you make such changes.