Quick 5 WordPress Plugins Installation for Online Marketing

When you go for a budget web design using WordPress or when you learn WordPress and build a great website yourself, it’s not the end of the game. There are several things that you can do after your website is ready.

In this blog, I am going to share some of the useful WordPress plugins which can help in your online marketing & increasing your sales. Please note that the order of these plugins doesn’t imply the level of their importance.

#1 SEO Smart Links


For the success of any website, it’s important to gain noticeable organic rankings on search engines like Google. When we talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there are several activities that help any website rank in top positions and internal link building is one of them.

SEO Smart Links plugin helps you to declare automated linking patterns of keywords within your web pages. Through this plugin, you can automatically declare phrases/keywords from within your blog posts and link them to the corresponding content. This plugin is a time saver. You can also define the maximum number of times the same keywords should be linked within a single post.

#2 Podcasting Plugin


If you want to make noise about your blog or website, then you will love this plugin. Through Podcasting Plugin, you will be able to record your voice and publish it on your website as a podcast. Your visitors can listen to these podcasts on your webpage only, without any need to leave your website. The fine quality of these podcasts will ensure less bounce rate of your website.

#3 Mailmunch


For any online marketing to be successful, it’s essential to have a huge list of subscribers who were at one point in time, interested in your blogs or website. Mailmunch is one of the great WordPress plugins which you can integrate with your website or blog and start getting subscribers’ data. Of course, integrating the Mailmunch plugin alone will not do any wonders for your business unless you post great content on your website/blog.

Your content must entice users to get subscribed to your website/blog and receive similar posts regularly. The good thing about the Mailmunch plugin is that it can be easily integrated with several email marketing systems like Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, etc. Through this plugin, you can easily set up several types of subscription boxes such as popups & horizontal boxes for your subscription forms.

#4 Broken Links Checker Plugin


If you have included SEO in your online marketing strategies, then this plugin is a must for you. While writing, posting, and managing your blog posts, it is likely that there could be some broken links in any of the blog posts or webpage. Broken Links Checker Plugin would help you to find those broken links so that you can resolve them. Search engines mainly Google don’t like a website with too many broken links because it affects the users’ experience & crawlers’ jobs as well.

#5 GZip Ninja Speed Compression


A fast-loading website is good not only for users’ experience but for search engines as well. Now that Google has officially declared that websites with slow loading speeds may not be considered to rank in the top positions of search engines, it’s imperative to have a quick-loading website.GZip Ninja Speed Compression plugin can help your website to load faster by compressing images, scripts, and more. I have seen in several cases that GZip Ninja Speed Compression plugin has helped to improve the speed performance of a website by up to 40%.

#6 YARPP Plugin


Yet Another Related Post Plugin or YARPP is one of the useful plugins for online marketers who want to show related posts with every blog post. This plugin can help you to increase the readership & search engine ranking as well because it facilitates crawlers to browse more and more pages.