7 Best online resources to learn WordPress website building

Learning WordPress for your website development could be a wise decision for you if you do not want to spend thousands of dollars to build your website. If you are tight on budget, then there are two options for you to have a great website for your company. Either you can hire a budget web designer and get your website developed for a few hundred dollars or you can learn website building using WordPress which will again cost you a few hundred only.

If you have opted to learn website design using WordPress, then this blog post is for you. After attending a basic website-building training program, you may further wish to explore more in WordPress. In this blog, I am going to share 7 great online resources/blogs that will help you to upgrade your basic WordPress training and where you can learn a lot more about WordPress.

#1 WordPress Codex


The Codex is known as a WordPress bible. Most WordPress developers would seek the help of this WordPress library whenever they are in the need of any information related to themes, plugins, or any level of WordPress development. As they mentioned on their website WordPress Codex is “the online manual for WordPress and a living repository for WordPress information and documentation”.

#2 WP Beginner


WP Beginner is one of the best blogs for learning WordPress in a convenient way. This blog provides tons of useful tips, articles, and case studies that anyone can refer to while developing your website in WordPress.

#3 Smashing Magazine


Smashing Magazine is among the top-notch resource providers for web design & development. Several great posts on WordPress get published on this website every month. Whether you are a WP beginner or at an intermediate level, you will find something useful on this website.

#4 WP Mayor


Just like WP beginner, you can find lots of informative stuff on WP Mayor and this website is good for both beginners and intermediate-level WordPress developers. This website has a lot of tips and how-to information on using & learning WordPress for your website development.

#5 HongKiat


HongKiat is a website that is very well known, especially for technical posts. You can find many informative posts for learning website development using WordPress. There are several posts uploaded under the ‘WordPress’ category of HongKiat every month.

#6 Manage WP


Manage WP is another WordPress blog that is regularly updated with loads of tips and tricks for WordPress website development. Similar to WP Mayor and WP Beginner, you can find lots of informative stuff that will help you to learn WordPress design in an easier and more convenient way.

#7 WP Lift


If you are looking for WordPress tutorials and helpful articles for learning website development using WordPress, then WP Lift could be your other favorite destination. You can refer to the excellent tutorials available on this blog which will help you to enhance your website using several plugins and themes.

With the above options and many more, it won’t be a challenging job for you to learn & build your own website using WordPress.Sign up for a basic WordPress training program today!