4 Free Popup Plugins for Your Budget Web Design

As we know WordPress is One of the most popular Contents Management Systems (CMS) and an open-source website creation tool that is extremely easy to use and many users friendly to maintain and add-on the advanced features too.


When you learn WordPress and want to develop a budget web design for your business, you may want to show popups to the visitors through which you can ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or you may want to show some special offer to attract new customers. In this blog post, we have discussed four plugins of WordPress that are absolutely free and are used to integrate Pop-Ups to the website for more conversion and an attractive look and feel at the users’ end.


Take your email lists to an advanced feature with the POPUPALLY plugin of WordPress which is absolutely free. It is a 5 minutes task to integrate this plugin for an advanced popup sign-up form without much indulgence in the messy codes.

This plugin captures the list of the data/visitors who are lost or when are about to exit the website. This has shown an increased conversion of 300%. With an instant and easy setup option, POPUPALLY’s visual editor allows you to customize the look and feel of your pop up too with an instant preview.

#2 Pop-Up CC

Pop-Up CC facilitates the building of elegant and professional pop-ups in easy and fast steps. This plugin also has a feature to create attractive content and pop-ups matching your website’s design. With the option to preview the changes on the live website while editing the content in the custom visual editor. There is also an option to put a timeframe or a situation when the visitors see your pop-up – set the time and display the pop-up exactly when and where you want to.

Pop-Up CC is a perfect solution to capture the audience’s attention at the right time and place to build your mailing list.

#3 SUMOME List Builder

This plugin of the WordPress allows the admin to create a fancy lightbox pop-up to build email subscriptions. Because of static subscription boxes, most of the visitors on the website don’t pay attention to taking the sign-up form, therefore, such plugins are created for websites that want to grab more attention from the visitors. This plugin enables a popover sign-up box.

With the advanced feature, there is an option to load the box manually after the visitor is on the webpage or alternatively there can be put an option to automatically loading of the box when the mouse moves away from the page.



Icegram is one of the best-featured WordPress popup plugins that allows building popups, action bars, and toast notifications. There are 6 stylish templates available to choose from in order to build this popup.

The plugin facilitates the easy creation of targeted campaigns with options to include when popups should appear and for how much time and for which devices, etc.