5 Creative Ways to Use Cover Page for Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing Singapore

The Facebook cover photo is no more a new thing for those who own a Facebook page. Needless to mention, your Facebook cover photo is the largest piece of real estate on your Facebook page because it is the first thing that users see on any of your pages. So, there is no harm if you put a considerable amount of effort & time into creating a great & stunning cover photo for your business page.


In this blog, I will share some of the creative tips to use cover photos for your business growth:

#1 Show the benefits of your products or services

A cover photo can be a great place to showcase your products and services. As I mentioned above, it’s the largest piece on your Facebook page that users see the first time when they land, so making them familiar with your products and services would be a great idea. One of the important reasons to run a Facebook marketing campaign is to get more sales & leads for your business, isn’t it? So why not be creative and use your cover photo as your salesman?

#2 Announce a contest

Launching contests has always been a major traffic-driving strategy for any Facebook marketing campaign. You would integrate contest-oriented apps with your Facebook page and promote them to get more and more contestants. Why not announce the contest on the Facebook cover photo itself? Because, it will increase the exposure of your contest and thereby, increase the number of contestants too.

#3 Sell a product

You can use a cover photo to sell your most performing or hot product. Dedicate your cover photo to a product that you want to sell more and see the results for yourself. Let the cover page convey the story of your products to the masses.

#4 Highlight a promotion

If you have a promotional offer or seasonal discount for any of your products or services, you can utilize your cover photo to highlight it. Since a page gets more exposure as compared to any other landing pages/apps of your Facebook account and we already know that the cover photos dominate the visual experience of a user, so don’t miss to use it as your billboard.

#5 Show testimonials

Customer reviews work wonders! We all know this but very often we make mistakes to show the testimonials on a hidden page on our website or Facebook apps. Instead, let’s show those good reviews on the cover page and win the trust of new potential customers because when they learn about the good experience of your existing/past clients, they feel more comfortable doing business with your company.