7 Golden tips for running Facebook advertising campaigns

With more than 1.2 Billions active users on Facebook, it has become irresistible for advertisers to tap the potential of Facebook advertising. In this blog, I am going to share 7 great tips on how you can use Facebook advertising for increasing sales on your eCommerce websites.


#1 Target-Specific Audience

One of the most common reasons for the failure of Facebook advertising is that the advertisers generally try to cover a wide array of customer segments with a single ad.

Now I simply don’t understand how can I be convinced to click an ad which claims to help me find a life partner for myself when my status on Facebook shows that I am already married.

This is truly what I call ‘a waste of advertising dollars. Similarly, I have seen many advertisers for an eCommerce business run the same ad with the same products to everyone. If you sell tops & skirts for young females in Singapore, would you not like to restrict your ads to the age group of 50+ or even 40+ too?

Therefore, the first and foremost advice to get desired results through Facebook marketing is to define & target a specific audience bracket.

#2 Use Trackers

I am not sure how many Facebook advertisers would agree with me if I say that one can’t get success without using a tracker (specifically conversion pixel) on their web pages. Conversion pixel helps you to track the conversions from your ads and these codes are generally inserted in the thanks pages of your website.

The conversion report will help you to analyze the best-performing ads which further helps you to reshape or modify your Facebook advertising strategies. For me, the conversion pixel is so important that you can’t and shouldn’t ignore it right from the first day of your Facebook advertising.

You can learn here what are the benefits of conversion pixel in Facebook advertising which are beyond just conversion tracking. There is a rule of thumb in online advertising that you can’t get ultimate success unless you measure your performance and improve your strategies. Therefore, in my opinion, using conversion pixels for all of your Facebook advertising campaigns is vital for the success of your eCommerce business.

#3 Use Website Custom Audiences

Website custom audience tool from Facebook helps you to define an audience who has already triggered a desired action on your website. For eg., if your aim is to get more and more subscribers for your website, then Facebook can help you to list those users as your targeted audience who have successfully subscribed to your website. But, this is possible only when you place the conversion pixel on the appropriate pages of your website. You, see this is one of the most important reasons to have conversion pixels in place.

#4 Lookalike Audience

Based on the website’s custom audience, Facebook can also help you target a lookalike audience. So, if a specific age group & demographic category people have shown their interest in signup with your website or performing any other action, Facebook can generate not only a website custom audience list for you but based on that but it can also help you to a target lookalike audience.

For eg., if most of the subscribers on your website fall in the category of age group 25-35 years & who have an interest in local marketing, Facebook can help you to target more people who have similar interests & ages and might be interested in signup with your website as well.

But again, this can be possible only when you place the conversion pixel on your web pages. Now, I am sure you are not going to miss even a single day running your Facebook ads without using conversion pixels on your website. Isn’t it?

#5 Sense of Urgency

All of us already know that users don’t come to Facebook with the intention to buy products; rather they intend to connect with their friends, relatives, and colleagues. So it’s important to understand that you will have to encourage them to buy products from you by switching their mood.

One of the useful things which I have experienced in my career as a Facebook marketer is that people tend to click on ads that have a sense of urgency and users can afford to miss them. In other words, you will have to let users know that your offer is not for a lifetime; rather they will have to take an action immediately. For eg., you may like to use the words like “Only 10 days left”, “Last 5 pieces left” or something like that. I hope you got my point.

#6 Quality of Images

I have already mentioned several times that the quality of images plays a vital role in the success of any eCommerce website and the same is the case with Facebook advertising as well. When you show fine-quality images along with your ads, users tend to stop there & have a look for some time and if they find your image attractive enough, they would definitely click your ad and enter your website. So, using great quality & attractive images helps you to build the first gateway for users to enter your website.

#7 Perfect Ad Copies

As I mentioned above that the quality of images helps you to build the first gateway for your audience to enter your website, similarly a perfect ad copy helps you to build the second gateway which is almost equally as important as the images. Studies have shown that the first thing which user views in any ad is the image after which they immediately look over the ad copy.

So you will need to make sure that your ad copy must be synchronized with your image otherwise users may feel that they have been emotionally cheated in order to grab the attention of your ad by using an attractive image. So always make sure that your ad copy should compliment your ad image and trust me, if you take care of both of these factors, you will definitely win the first phase of your Facebook advertising game (the second being the conversion on your website/landing page).