7 Best Ways to Integrate Facebook with Your Website

Either like it or avoid it, FACEBOOK has become a necessity for businesses. If you are not exploring much on Facebook, you are surely missing a major share of your revenue.

In this blog, we will share the 7 best ways & techniques your web designers can follow to integrate your Facebook page with your website.

#1: Facebook Comments

Facebook Comments

Your web designer can place this plugin/widget on the desired pages of your website which will allow your users to post their comments on any specific webpage using their Facebook login.

#2: Facebook Activity Feed

Facebook Activity Feed

Through this plugin, your website visitors can view the activities of their own Facebook friends that they have been doing on your Facebook page which could be in the form of likes and comments.

#3: Facebook Like Button

Facebook Like Button

This is one of the simplest forms of integrating your Facebook account with your website. Through this button, the users can like any piece of content that they like on your website. Once a user clicks the like button from any of your webpages, that link is visible to his/her friends through their news feed. This is one of the simplest ways for your web designer to integrate a Facebook widget on your website.

#4: Facebook Send Button

Facebook Send Button

A send button allows your website users to send the link of a webpage to their friends via Facebook. The users also have an option to add a text message along with the link that they would be sending to their friends.

#5: Facebook Registration Button

Facebook Registration Widget

Through Facebook registration, users will not be required to fill out lengthy forms and their fields. A Facebook user who has already opened his Facebook account in another tab would see most of the fields pre-filled in the registration form which makes it easier for them to sign up with the website.

#6: Facepile

Facepile Widget

The Facepile plugins display the Facebook profile pictures of the user’s friends when he visits your website and at the same time, he is logged in with his Facebook account on another tab. Users can view their friends who have already liked your Facebook page or have signed up using Facebook registration.

#7: Facebook Live Stream

Facebook Live Stream

A live stream plugin helps you to create an online buzz on your website through which they can share messages/comments in real time. This plugin is very similar to the “comments” plugin however in the case of the Live Stream plugin, the comments wouldn’t stay forever.

By following the above examples of Facebook integration with your website, you will see tremendous growth in your FaceBook likes.