5 effective ways to use Facebook plugins on your website

Facebook MarketingFacebook is everywhere. Be it business, personal networking, or social community, you will realize that people have found using Facebook conveniently to meet their objectives. However, having a Facebook account or business page is not enough. Since it’s a social tool, it’s very important to spread your Facebook account across your desired/targeted users. Now the big question arises, how to do this? How we can spread our Facebook page among the targeted users who can eventually become our paying customers? As a Facebook marketing consultant, I need to make sure that the followers/fans of my client’s Facebook page must be genuine and at the same time in good numbers. The best way to integrate Facebook widgets is your website or blog which can help to increase the number of followers.

In this blog post, I am going to elaborate few of the ways through which you can integrate Facebook widgets on your website/blog and increase your Facebook visibility.

Like Button

This is the most commonly used widget on any website. This widget helps users to like and share any page of the given website with their Facebook friends with just one click of a button. Usually, these kinds of ‘like’ buttons are placed on every page of the website to make it easy for the visitors to share the content. This plugin also helps the website to get a good amount of new visitors because when a visitor likes and shares any webpage with their friends, it’s likely that their friends will also visit the shared page.

Comments Plugin

The comments plugin enables visitors to post their thoughts on any specific topic piece of news, article, blog, or even webpage. This plugin is majorly used on the news and blog websites/portals and serves as an effective tool for webmasters to gather feedback from their visitors without any CMS functionality created for this purpose.

Send Button

Facebook Send Button helps website visitors to send any piece of content from the given webpage to their friends. This button/plugin is more or less the same as the ‘Like’ button with just the difference that the visitors can write their own customized messages for their friends while sharing any webpage and these notifications appear in the ‘message’ list of the friends however in case of ‘Like’ button, the shared information is shown in the news feed rather than ‘Message’ list.

Activity Feed Plugin

This is one of the useful Facebook tools which you can use on your website to show the visitors’ latest activities for eg. likes, shares, and comments done by their friends on your website. Please take note that this tool will help your website only when you have a huge amount of traffic on your website because showing a stale activity box with few or no activity will not serve any purpose for your business but rather it will harm the image of your business.

Login Button

The Facebook login button allows users to sign in with your website application, blog, forums, etc. This button is helpful when you have a registration process on your website and users can skip registering, instead, they can sign in with their Facebook login details and access the required restricted area of your website. While signing in through their Facebook login details, the users also need to allow your website system to gather their personal details which they have shared publicly on Facebook.

Although there are a few more ways in which you can use Facebook widgets/plugins on your website but above ways are the most common ones which you can find on many websites.