5 Tips To Optimize Landing Pages For Facebook Ads

landing page for facebook ads

Do you know that most Facebook advertisers don’t get the desired results from their campaigns and almost in every case, the reason is the same – lack of a perfect landing page?

In this post, I am going to share some tested and proven tips to optimize landing pages, especially for Facebook ads.

#1 Continuity Between Facebook Ads and Landing Page

This is one of the most important factors that your audience can either like your landing page or quit immediately from it. A landing page should always continue the same story that your Facebook advertisement had left halfway the way for your users. In other words, your landing page must complement your Facebook ads.

The users feel distracted when, after clicking any ad, they land on a web page that sings a different song altogether.

Going one step further, you could also try to use the same color combinations for your ads that your landing page has so that the users can connect the dots easily.

#2 Short & Sweat Form To Capture Leads

Let’s face it, everyone is busy and no one cares to spend much time on any single website. No matter how good is your advertisement and text copy of your landing page, you won’t be able to capture enough leads if you request a lot of information from the users.

Make it a practice to ask only a few but required information from your users so that it’s a win-win situation for both of you. Users don’t feel overwhelmed with too much information being asked and you also get the required details to contact & follow up with your users.

Try to recall how many times you decided to go away from a website that kept asking you for tons of your personal information, while you were interested in their products or services, but you decided to just let it go.

#3 Colors Contrast

Color contrast is something that has to do with users’ behavior. When you use the same colors everywhere (for links, buttons, graphics, etc.), you, as an advertiser think that you are following your brand norms which is OK. But from the conversion point of view, you must use colors that have great contrast relationships.

Various studies have proved that even with a minor change in the color of CTA (Call-To-Action) elements like buttons, advertisers can increase the number of leads and sales from their campaigns.

#4 Text Copy On Landing Page

While, the landing page must have sufficient information for the users to decide whether they should buy or leave their contact information on your website or not, at the same time, you must make sure that your landing page should not look cluttered and messy.

  • What’s the solution?
  • Try to use appropriate spacing and line breaks.
  • Explain in different paragraphs.
  • Use nice bullets when you want to list out your products’ features or benefits
  • Use nice graphics

#5 Responsive Landing Page

More than 80% of surfers, when searching for online information or spending time on Facebook, use their handheld devices like mobiles and tablets. If your landing page is not responsive, then you are missing a lot. If you want to see the difference, split your ads and run them separately for both PCs and mobiles/tablets. You will notice the huge difference.

Why just for landing pages, responsive web design is beneficial for search engine optimization as well.

Final Words:

While most advertisers know that a landing page is an important aspect of any Facebook advertising campaign, why do most of us still overlook working out on it? A wise advertiser would always invest more time & time on the enhancement of landing pages than anything else.

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