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7 Possible Reasons Your Facebook Ads May Not Be Working

Are you running Facebook Ads for your website but you aren’t getting the desired results (leads or sales)? 

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Before you declare “Facebook Ads don’t work” or “Facebook Ads are too expensive“, try to understand the reasons that may be causing your Facebook Ads campaign to fail.

In this blog post, I have shared 7 possible reasons why your Facebook Ads may not be getting the desired results.

Let’s start!

#1 Showing the same ads to repeated users

Are you showing the same ads (copy, image, and CTA) to the users who are repeatedly viewing your ads? 

If yes, then it’s a huge mistake that you should avoid at all costs.

Let’s say you are running a Facebook Ad for your eCommerce store. 

A user comes to your website through your Facebook Ad that says “Shop Our Products” and for some reason, this user added some products to their cart but didn’t complete the order and quit your website.

The next time when he will see your advertisement, instead of “Shop Our Products” as a CTA, you can show “Complete Your Order”. This small change to your advertisement’s CTA for repeated customers can do wonders and help you to grab more orders.

The whole idea is to show different ads to different users of your marketing funnel.

To do this, you will have to install Facebook Pixel on all the pages of your website. Additionally, you will have to create a custom audience based on their behavior and interaction with your website.

If you are not sure about this process, you can consult a Facebook expert or a Facebook specialist who can help you to implement the required scripts successfully.

#2 Failure to grab attention

Your ads may not be able to grab the attention of your targeted users. For you, the ads may look perfect but for your audience, it may be just another cold ad copy.

What’s the solution here?

Create multiple versions of the same ads and change the text copy and images for each ad version to see which copy works best. 

Don’t stop there yet. 

The winner ad copy must be tested with new ad copies and this procedure must keep going because there is always some room for enhancement in your Facebook ads.

#3 Wrong audience

Selecting the right audience for your ads can do wonders for your campaign and business. 

Most of the Facebook experts’ time is spent on creating and optimizing the Facebook audience. This clearly shows how important it is to define the right audience.

Be specific when choosing an audience for your Facebook ads. Don’t select too broad an audience because it may affect your ROI. 

Try to be specific and narrow down your audience so that you can get the most out of your current traffic.

Here are some of the best ways to leverage the Facebook audience to get maximum conversions.

  • Upload the list of current clients as your audience.
  • Create a custom audience based on the website visitors’ behavior.
  • Create an audience based on their engagement with your Facebook page.
  • Create a lookalike audience from the converted audience.

#4 Lack of conversion tracking

If you are not tracking your conversions despite of getting some, you are making a huge mistake. 

To make Facebook Ad campaigns run in your favor, you must track your conversions so that the smart algorithms of Facebook advertising can understand your potential customers in a better way and try to serve your ads mostly to them.

It’s true that installing the conversion trackers on your website may require some time and technical skills but believe me, it’s even worth more than that. 

When you track your conversions, you will be easily able to see the ROI that you have been getting from your Facebook ads spending. 

Not only that, but you are also helping Facebook algorithms to serve your ads in an optimized way to get maximum conversions from your ads, and that too within your budget.

So, if you aren’t doing it, start tracking your conversions from today. If you don’t know how to do it, hire a Facebook Ads expert or you can even hire a website designer who can help to integrate the trackers with your website.

#5 Boring ad copy

The copy of your Facebook Ads matters a lot. If your ad copy is unique & engaging, you will be more likely to get more clicks and conversions. 

On the contrary, if your ad copy is boring, you may end up paying a lot for the impressions but with a lower CTR, a higher CPC, and a higher CPA.

It’s worth mentioning here that you can also hire a professional copywriter who can help to write interesting & engaging ad copies for your Facebook campaigns.

#6 Lack of focus

Are you running a generic advertisement for everyone? Are you targeting everybody and anybody? If yes, your Facebook ads are bound to fail.

Ideally, each and every ad that you run on Facebook should be focused on a specific product or service, or a specific audience, and also encourage the users to take a specific action.

Clarity of desired results is very important when you run Facebook ads.

For example, when you need more leads from your Facebook ads, you shouldn’t care about spreading awareness about your services or products. 

You should know what exactly you want and your ad copies, images, CTA, audience, etc. should be aligned with your expected results.

#7 No experiments

Whether it’s about Facebook Ads or Google Ads, or any other kind of advertising campaign, experiments are a must. 

Without doing different experiments with your advertising copies, audience, images, etc., you won’t ever come to know which one outperforms and which one doesn’t. 

In fact, there is no such point in time that I can see when you will think that you have found the best ad to run forever. If you don’t do experiments regularly, you are out of the game.

Again, if you don’t have time to run experiments regularly, it would be a great idea to hire a professional Facebook ads specialist to help you out.

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