6 Tips To Write Effective Facebook Ad Copy

Facebook Ads Writing

When you think of Facebook ads, what comes to your mind? A big & attractive graphic that we see as sponsored ads on our Facebook timeline. Isn’t it?

Not only this, but I’ve even heard many newbie advertisers saying that in order to make a Facebook ads campaign successful, all you need is a nice image and rest will take care of itself.

Is it true? Are Facebook ads all about images only?

The answer is ‘No’. A catchy yet appropriate text is also essential for every Facebook advertising campaign to be successful. Now the question arises “How to write effective texts for Facebook ads”.

writing facebook ads effectively

In this blog post, I am going to share 6 useful tips for you to create advert texts that will help you to sell your products & services effectively on Facebook.

#1 Narrow Down Your Audience & Then Write

I think one of the major differences between Facebook advertising and any other forms of online advertising is that with Facebook, you can narrow down & serve different ads to separate set of targeted audience.

Now, since we know that Facebook empowers us to reach out targeted audience, never assume that all of your targeted customers have common problems & they are looking for same solution.

Let’s take an example. You own a jewelry business and you deal in both trendy & traditional jewelry. Now, when you advertise your business on Facebook, you have the liberty to choose different age groups and gender. So why not to choose females with age group 18-28 for trendy jewelry and 30+ for traditional jewelry.

Once you have narrowed down your targeted audience, you will be able to write specific ads for each group efficiently.

So, the number one tip to write effective ad texts is to narrow down your targeted audience into different groups and convey appropriate message to each group.

#2 Flow With The Advert Image

It is very important that your ad copy/texts must blend with your ad image. In our above jewelry example, what would you think about an ad that talks about traditional jewelry and target older age group of users but the advert image shows a vintage jewelry picture? Not relevant at all, right?

While writing texts for your Facebook ad, always consider your advert image and then write accordingly.

#3 Keep It Simple

We all know that simple things always work best and the same applies with Facebook advertising too. The best practice to follow while writing your advert text is to never assume that your targeted users know your industry jargon or they have in-depth information about your products or services.

Always try to write in simpler words so that even laymen can also understand how your products or services can change their lives.

#4 Focus On Numbers

It’s a very interesting fact that the Facebook ads having numbers (which could be in the form of some research stats or value proposition) in its text always have greater chances to earn high CTR (Click Through Rate) and as a result, you get optimized CPC (lower Cost-Per-Click).

In our jewelry example, how about an ad that states a fact like “80% Of The Men Say They Like Women Who Wear Traditional Jewelry” or “25% Off On Fresh Arrivals – Grab Your Share Now!” ? Don’t you think that these types of ad texts will grab the attention of your targeted audience?

#5 Sense Of Urgency

Always remember that while spending time on Facebook, people don’t want to take decisions to buy any product or service. Why? Simply because Facebook is meant to enjoy and spend lavish time with friends and colleagues.

So what is that which encourages people to buy on Facebook? You guessed it right. It’s sense of urgency. What if you see an ad on your Facebook timeline that sells your favorite pair of shoes at discounted price but at the same time, it says the offer will end tomorrow. Most likely, you would like to take an action.

It is, therefore, sense of urgency that helps advertisers to grab more sales. So, always make sure to include words like “offer ends soon”, “Take action now and save 25%” or “Discount valid till tomorrow only”.

#6 Include Your Customers’ Words

Word of mouth has always been a helpful strategy for advertisers of every decade. It applies with Facebook advertisers too. The advertisers who include their existing customers’ testimonials always get high CTR, low CPC and more sales.

Try it on your Facebook advertising campaigns and you will definitely gain a competitive edge & you would be able able to close more sales for your business.

Final Words:

For every Facebook advertising campaign to be successful, the ad copies play an important role and therefore, a reasonable consideration must be given to the ads writing process.