11 Reasons to Grow Your Business With Facebook Advertising

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No matter what business you are into, if you need more sales, Facebook advertisements can help you.

If you are not sure how Facebook advertisements can help you to grow your business, read this blog to the end (especially points no. 1, 3, 5, 7 and 11).

Before we dive into the benefits of Facebook advertising for your business, let me give you a brief on how exactly Facebook advertisements look like (for those who don’t know about it yet).

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Did You Know?

There are more than 2 million active advertisers on Facebook & Over 700 million users visit Facebook on mobile each day.

It must be of no surprise that you already have a Facebook account.

Isn’t it!

Ok, so when you login into your Facebook account, you get landed on your newsfeed page where you can see all the recent activities done by your friends. Right?

Now on this same page (newsfeed), you also see some sponsored advertisements. These advertisements have a bigger image, title, description and call to action.

Not only at the center of your timeline, but you see some sponsored ads on the right column of the page too.

Let me give you an example.

Below is how my Facebook sponsored advertisement look like. In this ad, I am promoting my ecommerce website development services.

facebook advertising for ecommerce website development

Now, let’s dive into the benefits of Facebook advertising for your business.

#1 Your Customers are on Facebook

Needless to mention the growing user base of Facebook. Whichever trade you are into, I bet your potential customers are definitely on Facebook.

Isn’t it true?

Having said this, you will definitely not want to miss out the opportunity to reach out your potential customers and promote your products or services to them. Isn’t it?


#2 Facebook advertising is inexpensive

That’s true! Facebook advertising is much cheaper as compared to the advertising investment required by other platforms like Google.

Even if you compare Facebook advertising cost with offline advertising mediums like radio, magazines, newspapers televisions etc., you will conclude that former is much cheaper and at the same time effective too. Who read magazines and newspapers these days, isn’t it?

#3 Facebook advertising creates branding

Facebook advertising is an effective way to build your brand. Gone are the days when only big boys could spend huge money to build their brands. Now with just a little investment, you can also join the race of giants.

Facebook advertising can help you to build your brand cost-effectively.

#4 Facebook advertising is instant

Unlike SEO (search engine optimization), Facebook is instant. You just need to set up your campaigns and you are very much ready to promote your business in just couple of hours. Isn’t this amazing?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say if I may “There had been never such an amazing opportunity in the world of advertising to promote your brand among millions of potential customers and that too, instantly.”

I really feel that if you are not investing in Facebook advertising, you are missing out a huge share of market revenue, which you may be unknowingly giving away to your competitors, if they’re doing Facebook advertising.

So now is the time to get started with Facebook ads.

#5 Facebook advertising has higher ROI

As I have already explained above that Facebook advertising is cost effective when compared to other mediums of online and offline advertising, it’s ROI is definitely higher.


Because it’s not only cost effective but it’s results oriented too.

If done correctly, Facebook ads can become your leading source of getting leads and sales.

#6 Facebook advertising helps you get traffic

Having a website is one thing and getting traffic on it is different. No matter how attractive your website looks, if you don’t have traffic on it, it’s not of much use.

The reason is simple – who knows about your website?

If you have recently got your website developed, you can start getting traffic on it with the help of Facebook advertising. Even if your website is quite old but there is no traffic on it, Facebook advertising is here to help you.

#7 Facebook advertising helps you get repeated business

Through Facebook advertising, you can easily get more business from your existing customers.


There is a methodology in Facebook advertising which is known as retargeting or remarketing that helps you to advertise your products or services to the customers who have already purchased from your website in the past.

Wow, now doesn’t this sounds magical? Well, it does.

#8 Facebook advertising is measurable

When you spend your advertising dollars on Facebook, you can measure its effectiveness and performance. Facebook provides a comprehensive reporting system that you can use and fetch the necessary matrix to learn about the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaigns.

Not only this, but you can also measure your Facebook ads performance through several web analytic tools like Google Analytics.

#9 Facebook advertising helps you promote your new ideas

Lets assume that you have a new crazy idea that hasn’t been revealed in the market yet. There is no other great advertising platform other than Facebook to create a new market for your inventory products or services.


Because there is no demand for your invention yet. How Facebook advertising can help here?

Through Facebook advertising, you can create a story about your invention and market it to the people who may like it (by targeting people with specific interests and behavior).

#10 Facebook advertising can help you grow your subscribers list

Do you run a blog but can’t find subscribers for it? Facebook advertisements are here to help you.

You can advertise your blog posts and get traffic to your blog at low cost and encourage people to subscribe with your blog.

#11 Your competitors are doing Facebook advertising

The chances are high that your competitors are also doing Facebook advertising. And if you are not doing it, you may be giving away a lot of customers and business to your competitors, unknowingly and unwillingly.

facebook advertising Singapore

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