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10 Hacks to Get Results From Facebook Advertising in Singapore

Facebook advertising is considered to be one of the most effective & affordable advertising mediums available today.

Yet most advertisers don’t get the expected returns on their investment. What could be the reason?

Is that because those advertisers don’t know how to do Facebook advertising effectively?

Or is it due to the lack of optimum adjustments in their Facebook advertising campaigns?

Well, it could be both or either of these reasons.

facebook advertising singapore

In this blog post, I will be sharing 10 useful tips which you can follow and implement on your Facebook advertising campaigns to get the most out of them.

Please note that although these tips are tested and proven by me for my clients, following them will not guarantee the success of your campaign but it will definitely increase the probability of your campaign’s success.

Let’s start.

#1 Keep mobile and desktop separate

desktop and mobile placement for Facebook advertising in Singapore

If you want to target your ads for both mobile and desktops, it is advisable to keep them separate. In other words, create different advert sets for mobile and desktops.


People behave differently on mobiles and desktops. You need to learn the behavior of your targeted audience so that you can focus more on the areas that are working well for your ads.

#2 Keep newsfeed and right-column ads separate

facebook advertising Singapore

Similar to the logic of having different ads for both mobile and desktop, you must have separate ad sets for the newsfeed and right column.

If you notice, there’s more space available to write ad copy/text for newsfeed ads as compared to a right-column ad. Also, the image size of the right-column ad is smaller than compared of a newsfeed ad.

So, instead of using a common image & ad copy/text for both newsfeed and the right column, use exclusive ones.

#3 View insights to know the best-performing audience & focus on them

insights for facebook advertising singapore

You must view the insights of your audience regularly and analyze the best-performing gender & age group. Based on your analysis, you can make appropriate changes in your Facebook ads campaign and focus more on the things that work for you.

Instead of targeting the age group 25-45, split them into 25-35 & 35-45. But make these adjustments after analyzing your campaign’s insights only.

#4 Avoid Ad Fatigue

ad fatigue facebook advertising

Running the same set of ads for a longer period of time results in ad fatigue. Yes, if your targeted audience keeps getting the same ads so many times, they’ll start to get annoyed.

The major consequence of ad fatigue is that your cost-per-click may go up.

What you can do?

You can simply keep your ad frequency as low and at the same time, you must rotate your ads regularly to avoid ad fatigue for your Facebook advertising campaign.

#5 Take care of your landing page

landing page for facebook advertising

Even if you have everything working perfectly in your Facebook advertising campaign but your landing page is not optimized, you will not get the expected results.

There are a few checklists that you must make sure to follow for your landing pages:

a. Your landing page must be responsive. Since most Facebook users are on mobile, you must make sure that your landing page has a responsive view for both mobiles and tablets.

b. Your landing page must be congruent with your ad copy/text. Imagine if you click an ad that talks about a 30% discount but when you click that ad, you see nothing about that discount on the landing page. How annoying this could be.

c. Your landing page must load quickly. Imagine if your targeted audience needs to wait for 15 seconds to load your landing page, how frustrating it could be for them. As I mentioned already that most Facebook users are on mobile, you must make sure that your landing page loads no longer than 6 seconds.

#6 Create a custom audience

facebook advertising audience

A custom audience is one of the most powerful tools available for any Facebook advertising campaign.

What is a custom audience?

It’s a method to create an audience representing any group of customers or prospective customers that express interest in your product on your website.

What is the benefit of a custom audience?

Once you define & get some visitor data for your custom audience, you can reach these visitors with targeted Facebook Ads. For example, you could run a separate campaign to reach out to those people who visited your website & viewed a product or services page but haven’t made any purchase or inquiry yet.

#7 Create a lookalike audience

lookalike audience facebook advertising

A lookalike audience is a list of users whose characteristics are similar to users of a website’s custom audience.

Why you must use a lookalike audience?

Simply because a lookalike audience opens up a lot of opportunities and you can advertise to users similar to those who already visited your website or you can also advertise to users who are similar to the ones who already converted to your site.

You can’t tell about the similarities between 2 different people but luckily, by using a lookalike audience for your Facebook advertising campaign, you can generate millions of lookalike audiences.

#8 Consider remarketing

remarketing for facebook advertising in Singapore

What is remarketing/retargeting?

Remarketing is a process to advertise your products or services to those people who had visited your website but never took any action. A person may not be convinced to buy your products on the first visit to your website and therefore, remarketing helps to remind those visitors about your products.

Have you ever browsed any product at amazon.com without buying it and suddenly you started viewing ads from amazon about that product or other similar products? This is how remarketing works.

It helps remind people that they had visited your website but they still need to make a decision to buy from you.

Remarketing helps Facebook advertisers to get more sales by following up frequently with their visitors.

#9 Experimenting with different images and ad copies

experimenting facebook advertising

Most of the advertisers would create a few ad copies and wait for the success to come. Be it Facebook advertising or any other medium, you simply can’t afford to miss out on experimenting with different ad copies and images.

When you create ads with different images and different ad copies, you get to know which one works better for your Facebook ads campaign.

#10 Choose the appropriate call to action

call to action in facebook advertising

Facebook provides an option for its advertisers to show a call to action with each advert. These call-to-action buttons help people to know about the expected action to be taken.

For eg. if your ad is all about showcasing your products, you may use a call to action of ‘Shop Now’ and if you want to share some information about your services, you may use a call to action of ‘Learn More’ button.