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Why Open Source For Ecommerce Website Development in Singapore?

Looking for ecommerce website development in Singapore at lower cost? Go for open source.


Open source for ecommerce website development makes lives easier for both webmasters/business owners and web developers too. Why is it so.

There are several questions that I am often being asked by my customers. Questions like ‘Why open source would be good for my ecommerce website design?’ or ‘Will I be able to save money if I use open source to develop my ecommerce website?’.

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In this blog post, I will be sharing 5 benefits of using open source and also 5 best open sources for your ecommerce web development.

Benefits of Open Source For Ecommerce Website Development

#1 Free to Use

open source ecommerce website free to use

The major benefit of using an open source to develop ecommerce websites most of the open sources are free to use. Yes, most of the open sources are free to use and don’t require any licence or renewal charges.

Open source CMS like WordPress and Drupal have become popular in a short span of time because of the fact that these open sources have enabled millions of webmasters to own a website at much affordable price.

As I already mentioned that most of the open source CMS are free to use. All you have to pay is the nominal web hosting & domain charges along with a minimal fee to you ecommerce web developer.

#2 Easy to Setup & Use

easy to use open source ecommerce website singapore

If you possess a bit of technical skills, you can build your own ecommerce website using open sources in just few hours.

All you need to do is just download the latest version of any open source, upload on your sever and install in just few clicks. Of course, for activating some plugins and modules require a technical know-how but you don’t really need to be a full time web developer to create an ecommerce website yourself.

Even if you hire a web developer to install and setup an ecommerce website using an open source CMS like WordPress, you will find it pretty easy to manage the backend of your website.

The backend/admin section of open sources like WordPress and Drupal are so intuitive that you can learn creating pages and managing your products in just 2 hours.

#3 Abundance of Open Source Developers

singapore ecommerce web designers

With the growing popularity of open sources, there has been an increasingly growing numbers of their web developers too.

If you’ve decided to choose an open source to build your ecommerce website and save money, you can find abundance of web developers who could work for you at much lower cost.

For instance, you can use WordPress for your ecommerce store development and there are really a lot of options for you to choose among hundreds of WordPress developers to build your website.

#4 Easy to Upgrade

easy to upgrade ecommerce open source

With the ever-changing technologies & customers’ behaviour, its imperative for every business to upgrade their websites from time to time.

Open sources are not only easy to install and setup, but they are also easy to upgrade.

WordPress/Drupal upgrading takes only a few minutes. Without any databases to configure!

If your developer has used WordPress for your ecommerce website development, it could be as easy as few clicks to upgrade your website.

#5 Easy to Redesign

ecommerce redesign singapore

When you use open sources like WordPress or Drupal to develop your ecommerce website, it becomes easier to redesign your website. Sometimes, its as quick as few clicks.

All you need to do is just find a nice theme and activate it along with few minor customizations or configurations and you get a new face for your website.

In the absence of an open source, if you were to redesign your existing website, you will be required to hire a web designer and pay him a handsome amount of money to do this job. Sometimes, this cost may go as high as getting a new website.

So its always good to plan at the initial stage and choose open source to develop an ecommerce website.

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Now that we have already learned the benefits of using open sources for ecommerce websites, lets take a look at 5 best open sources available that you can use for your ecommerce store development.

5 Best/Popular Open Sources For Ecommerce Website Development

#1 Woocommerce (WordPress)

wordpress <a target='_blank' href=''>ecommerce website development</a> singapore

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress plugin to build ecommerce websites. This plugin has a large & rapidly-growing user community.

Woocommerce provides a seamless integration with WordPress that makes it a charm to install & manage.

This plugin comes with all the basic and advance features that are required to run an ecommerce business successfully.

Most of the Woocommerce themes come with mobile-friendly design that makes Woocommerce an appealing choice to brands who want to cater to the growing number of customers that use their tablet or phone to shop.

#2 Drupal Commerce (Drupal)

Drupal ecommerce website developers singapore

Drupal commerce is an open source eCommerce solution built on top of Drupal. It consists of powerful set of modules which provides out of box solution for development of online store.

Why Drupal Commerce?

a. Drupal offers an intuitive admin/backend system for webmasters to manage the ecommerce store.
b. Drupal framework is highly scalable & SEO-friendly too.
c. Drupal is capable of handling more complex payment/inventory modules and 3rd party softwares as well.

#3 Open Cart

open cart ecommerce developers Singapore

From simple e-commerce stores to ecommerce websites with multiple functionalities, OpenCart can support all of them.

Why OpenCart for Ecommerce?

a. OpenCart is easy to install and setup.
b. OpenCart offers countless shipping and payment methods
c. OpenCart offers easy and successful customizations
d. OpenCart offers multilingual support to store owners(with nearly 17 languages).

#4 Jigoshop (WordPress)

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Another WordPress-based solution that’s become popular these days is Jigoshop.

Like most other open source ecommerce solutions, Jigoshop is lightweight on its own.

For retailers looking to make the most of their storefront, themes, plugins, and extensions are available for purchase.

Like WooCommerce, Jigoshop is very easy to use.

#5 Magento

magento ecommerce developers Singapore

Magento is not a new name in the world of ecommerce websites. It has been there for the last few years already. It offers ability for store owners to build and manage robust ecommerce websites.

Why Magento for Ecommerce?

a. Magento framework makes it much faster than other ecommerce platforms
b. Magento offers easy installation of 3rd party apps
c. Magento offers ability to run multiple ecommerce stores with one single backend
d. Magento based ecommerce websites are SEO-friendly