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What makes an impact on any online shopper

Developing an e-commerce store without any thoughts & consideration may not take you anywhere.

There are tons of e-commerce websites available for every niche and in such a competitive environment, you really need to know what exactly an online shopper is looking for.

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In this blog post, I have shared 3 but most important areas of any e-commerce store which, if used well, can have a great impact on the shoppers.

Let’s dive in.

#1 Pricing

Since the inception of the concept of shopping, pricing has been one of the crucial factors that can either break or make a deal.

Who don’t expect great price? We all do.

Money is power to most of us and we all fear becoming powerless. Isn’t it?

Now, given the scenario, where every industry has a cut-throat competition, pricing is the single most factor that can convince a shopper to buy.

"Pricing" Tip On E-Commerce Websites

Before you mark a price on your products, do an extensive research on your competition. If possible, give some discount to your first-time customers to grab more sales.

#2 Product Details

Have you ever been to a website to buy, say a pair of shoes and all you see is just a small image of shoes, some lousy title and no description?

For me, it has occurred many times. Do you think any shopper would be interested to buy from websites like these? Its a big “No”, right?

As an online shopper, we all expect a website to showcase:

  • 5-6 different images of same product
  • Brief description about each product along with an option to view full description, if I really want to take a decision on the spot.
  • High resolution and bigger pictures size.
  •  Ratings & reviews from the previous customers.
  • Refund policy or any surcharges like shipping, taxes etc.
  • All of the available sizes & colors available, if applicable.

"Product Details" Tip On E-Commerce Websites

Do ensure that each and every product on your e-commerce website has required information that’s needed for anybody to decide. You may seek help from a professional e-commerce web developer to incorporate all of these elements on your store.

#3 Shipping Charges

When we talk about e-commerce websites, shipping price too, play a vital role.

Although, shipping charges are generally not too high, every shopper tries to avoid it and is always reluctant to pay these charges.

It becomes even worst when your competitors are selling their products without any shipping charges and you still have a fraction of your product cost as a shipping charge.

"Shipping Charges" Tip On E-Commerce Websites

If possible, do not impose shipping charges because we all love to buy from those who offer us great offers like discount coupons, free shipping, no taxes etc.

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