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Image Optimization for e-Commerce Websites & SEO

It is an undeniable fact that e-commerce websites have become a necessity for all of the retail businesses irrespective of their sizes.We also know that the most important element on any e-commerce/online selling websites is their images.Whether its a product image or any other graphic on an e-commerce website,it has to be of high quality because it helps to win the confidence of users in the company.

Imagine an e-commerce website which has huge variety of products but the quality of those product images are not good.Lesser would be the chances that you are going to purchase the products from that website due to the lack of professionalism they have shown on their website for images.While thinking about high-resolution/good quality images,most of the webmasters often worry about the size of the images and their SEO friendliness of their e-commerce websites which becomes one of the biggest challenges for them.

eCommerce Websites
e-Commerce Websites

In this blog,I am going to share few tips for all the webmasters who want their e-commerce website to have high resolution images and at the same time don’t want to compromise with the website loading speed and SEO.Let’s start!

#1 Image Size

Definitely,you can’t use those high resolution images having size in MegaBytes because it would affect the users experience adversely and at the same time search engines won’t love them.So,the first step towards image optimization is resizing those big images.Even if you don’t have Photoshop in your system,there are lots of free image editing tools that are available for both Windows & Mac which you can download & use them to resize your product images easily.While resizing your product images,you must make sure that the quality of the images are not lost because you would not want to lose your sales as well.

#2 Image Renaming

Most of the webmasters use camera to shoot their product images and use them massively without changing their names but its not a good idea at all.You must invest a little time to rename those images and give them relevant names which will help search engine crawlers to index them and show those images on search engines when users are looking for your products or services.For eg. if you have shot few shoes images and want to upload them on your e-commerce website;just make sure to rename them like ‘Black-Oxford-Shoes.jpg’ instead of ‘img-000023.jpg’.This little time investment can really pay you off in terms of more sales & revenue from your website.

# Alt Tags Optimization

Just in case you are not aware of alt tags; let me explain.Alt tags are the ‘text alternative’ which displays when your website is not able to render the images for any reason and even when your images are downloaded,you can see those alt tags when you mouse-over them.Alt tags optimization is very important for search engine optimization of your e-commerce website because search engine crawlers are not able to read images and therefore they recognise & index the images through their alt tags.So, ‘alt tags are must’ for SEO.While optimizing your images for alt tags, you must make sure that you use relevant names(which you think could be considered as best keywords) and do not try to stuff your keywords in them.You may also seek help of your SEO consultant if you are not sure how to use alt tags.

# Enlarged Versions

For an e-commerce website,it is imperative to use enlarged product images because as a webmaster,we always want to showcase best resolution of our products for the visitors in order to increase the chances of sales.At the same time,users also want to view the enlarged images of products before they make-up their mind to purchase the products from any online shop.Therefore,it is always recommended that you must not use enlarged versions of products on the landing or product-specific pages because these pages must be downloaded quickly in order to retain your visitors on your website and hence it would be a good idea that you provide enlarged versions of your product images in a new tab or popup when the users click on the small-sized images on the product pages.

# Image Formats

Although there are few popular image formats which you can use on your website like JPEG, GIF & PNG;however it has been observed that using JPG/JPEG is always good to use because it can maintain the size of images without losing the quality.Let me add another point here.PNG images are becoming popular these days because they are good in quality as compared to GIF and at the same time their quality would not loose even if you re-save those images multiple times unlike JPG images but at the same time PNG images size can be much larger than JPG.