How to Save Upto 50% On Your Ecommerce website development

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Wouldn’t it be surprising for you if I say that by implementing a few strategies, you can really cut down the development cost of your eCommerce website by almost 30-50%?

Yes, it’s really tested, proven & experienced by me several times, and guess what. Every time, I was able to provide my clients with a great & selling yet affordable eCommerce website to run their online business.

There is no magic, believe me. But it’s just a matter of choosing the right platform, resources & tools to achieve this. Let’s see how.

save money on ecommerce websites

1. Don’t hesitate to choose WordPress

wordpress ecommerce singapore

No wonder you ask while reading this blog post “What? WordPress for Ecommerce? Are you serious?”

Yes, I am really serious about choosing WordPress for your eCommerce website development. WordPress is no more considered ‘Just a blogging platform’ because there are hundreds of thousands of eCommerce websites that have been built using WordPress and they are doing pretty well.

Choosing WordPress for your online store will cut down your development cost tremendously because it’s freely available to download, deploy and install on your server. Being an open source, there are no recurring charges that you need to pay for maintaining your website with WordPress.

What’s more. There are plenty of plugins available (both free and paid) to install on any WordPress website for enhancement of its features. You name the feature and there are already several plugins available in the WordPress community to help you out.

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Hence proven: Do not hesitate to choose WordPress for your eCommerce website.

2. Choose an affordable yet reliable web hosting company

I bet you know, at this time, that web hosting companies provide domain names (like and servers for your website to host. No worries if you don’t know the role of a web hosting company, you can read my article “All That You Need To Know About Web Hosting” wherein I’ve also reviewed some of the best yet affordable web hosting companies for you to choose from.

Choosing an affordable web hosting company can also help you to cut down the overall cost of your eCommerce website development. For eg., there are several companies that charge as low as $50 per annum and they still provide great support and advanced hosting servers. You will still be able to upload hundreds of products even if you choose any of their starter plans.


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3. Go for a template web design

ecommerce website template

Website templates are not as bad as they sound, especially if your eCommerce website has been developed using WordPress or any other open-source CMS. Why? Simply because you can change the look & feel of your online store at any point in time by just installing/activating a new template and that too in just a few minutes. Isn’t it interesting?

On top of everything, purchasing a nice template for your eCommerce website can cut down the cost of development significantly because most website templates are available for as low as $40 only!

4. Hire affordable yet efficient web developers

web developer singapore

Its true that you can easily find cheap website themes and plugins to build your eCommerce website but you definitely need a web developer to put everything nicely and do customizations, if required. After all, it’s all about the profitability of your business so you must not take risks and hire efficient developers who provide affordable web design services.

Worried about the expenses involved in hiring a WordPress developer for your eCommerce website? Here is the good news! Most WordPress developers provide affordable services for building new websites, redesigning existing websites, or customizing WordPress themes & plugins.

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5. Equip yourself to make changes

learn wordpress singapore

Yes, equip yourself with sufficient yet basic knowledge to maintain your eCommerce website. It may sound scary to many of you but wait. I am not asking you to undergo some sort of technical course or training. All I am asking you is to learn how could operate some of the essential sections of your online store. If you do that, I bet you will save a handsome amount of money.

Instead of looking out for your developer or designer every time you have new products, information, offers, or images to upload, why not do it yourself? All you need to do is ask your eCommerce developer to hand over the instruction manual to operate your website. Believe me, it’s a kid’s game. You will really enjoy it because this game will also allow you to save money.

Ok, so here is the conclusion:

By following the above tips, many of my clients have saved up to 50% on their eCommerce website development and so could you. For any help email me at

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