5 Woocommerce plugins to grow your ecommerce sales

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What is WooCommerce?

Woocommerce is one of the best eCommerce plugins available for WordPress websites to set up a robust online store & it’s also a favorite choice of eCommerce developers to create a shopping cart on WordPress websites.

Woocommerce is a free plugin available to install on any WordPress website and it provides all the great features to run an online business. If your budget to set up an eCommerce website is low, you can hire an affordable WordPress website developer to create an online store for you using WooCommerce. In other words, Woocommerce allows you to run an eCommerce business efficiently & cost-effectively.

There are several great WordPress plugins meant for WooCommerce which can help to boost the sales of an eCommerce business. In this blog post, I’ve shared 5 such extremely useful plugins that you can use with your WooCommerce-based online store and watch your sales grow.

#1 Woocommerce Advanced Discounts

advanced discounts for woocommerce

Discount is a great weapon for online businesses to use on their eCommerce websites in order to boost sales because the discounted pricing encourages not only existing customers to buy more products from a website but it also attracts new customers to buy products.

Woocommerce Advanced Discounts plugin enables you to provide your customers attractive discounts based on their:

Role: For e.g. You may wish to give higher discounts to your corporate customers.

Past purchases: A different slab of discount can be given to the customers who have already purchased from you in the past.

Cart Value: You may also set a minimum order value on which you are willing to provide great discounts to your customers.

The number of products: If the number of products matters to you a lot, you can also define the discount slabs based on the quantity added to the customers’ shopping cart.

#2 Product Countdown

product countdown for woocommerce

If you’ve been running an online marketing campaign like Facebook advertising, you probably know the importance of a sense of urgency.

Based on human nature, several studies have proved that online users are more responsive & interested in buying products that are associated with a sense of urgency. In other words, if any product is available at the best price for a limited number of days or hours only, people tend to grab those products quickly.

Product Countdown plugin helps businesses to show a countdown on the product pages of their online shop and use it to highlight certain offers or deals.

Displaying a countdown is an easy way to put the right product in the spotlight and create interest in limited items or specific products.

#3 Woocommerce Product Slider

product slider woocommerce

When you run an eCommerce business and want to attract more sales from your existing traffic on your website, you really need to think and implement some out-of-the-box techniques in order to grab the attention of your website visitors.

Usually, most eCommerce websites would showcase a single image of their products on the product pages or blog posts. How about displaying a product slider on each blog post that you write for your products? Don’t you think that you will get more visits to your product pages from your blog? Definitely, yes!

The WooCommerce Product Slider plugin helps you achieve this objective.

#4 Woocommerce Predictive Search

predictive search woocommerce

Great user experience has always been one of the reasons behind the success of an eCommerce website. The more intuitive an eCommerce design is, the higher would be the count of sales.

The search feature is an indispensable element of eCommerce websites, especially those with thousands of products.

The traditional way of allowing users to search products on any online store is to show a search bar where they can type in their desired products, hit the search button, and wait for the search listing page to download and show the list of products.

WooCommerce predictive Search enables users to see the list of their desired products as they start typing in the product name. In other words, the users don’t need to wait for the search result page to download.

This plugin is really helpful in saving users time while they search for the products.

#5 WooCommerce All-in-One SEO Pack

all in one seo

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a great method to attract huge traffic from search engines like Google. Reaching the top page of search engines for the targeted keywords has always been a dream of every eCommerce business because it’s a definite key to getting more sales.

WooCommerce All in One SEO Pack is a great WordPress plugin that you can integrate with your eCommerce website and optimize your online store. This plugin helps you to write unique meta tags for each product page and define tags for product images too.

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