Seeking an eCommerce Quotation? Here’s What You Should Know

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Do you need a quotation to build your eCommerce store? There are a few things that you should know first before even you start seeking quotations from eCommerce developers or agencies in Singapore. 

If this is your first time to create an eCommerce store, this blog post will help you! Here, I have shared some of the important information like:

7 Important things to have in your eCommerce website quotation

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#1 Scope of work

Under the scope of work, your web developer should write all the features & functionalities that they will add to your eCommerce store. For example, they can write all the important eCommerce features like add to cart, wishlist, comparison feature, payment gateway, shipping & taxation feature, etc. Adding the complete scope of work inside the eCommerce quotation will make sure that you and your web developer are on the same page and they will build your online store according to your expectations.

#2 Cost

The cost to build your eCommerce website is another important item that your web developer or designer should add in their quotation. Along with the eCommerce development cost, they must also mention their payment terms. Most web developers and agencies go by 50/50 payment terms (in 2 parts) but some of them may be flexible enough to split the total development cost in 3 or even 4 parts.

#3 Timeframe

Your eCommerce quotation should also have a clear indication of the timeframe to build your online store. Your developer should mention the number of working days that your website will take to complete. Especially if you are in a rush to complete & launch your eCommerce store, you must ask your web developer to mention the exact number of working days so that you can make the necessary post-launch arrangements.

#4 Technologies used

Make sure that your eCommerce quotation contains the technologies that your web developer will use to build your site. If you are not happy with the technologies they are using, you can consider looking out for another developer. For example, if you want your developer to use WooCommerce/WordPress to create your eCommerce website, you must make sure that it’s mentioned in the proposal. Some web developers in Singapore use Magento or Shopify, while others may use WooCommerce or OpenCart. Make sure you choose the right eCommerce platform for your store.

#5 Terms & conditions

Many clauses can be covered under terms & conditions. Some of these important clauses may include the information or materials that your developer will need from you to complete your site or if there are any hidden costs or delays that may happen due to any reasons. You can also advise your developer to add specific terms & conditions to their quotation that could be according to the nature of your business or project requirements.

#6 Service warranty

This is also one of the most crucial items that should be included in any eCommerce website quotation. Every professional web developer & web agency would provide their clients with a service warranty. The. service warranty clause will ensure that in case of any issues or bugs, your developer will stand by you and fix them at the soonest. So, you must make sure that your developer is also providing a service warranty of at least 3 months after the launch. At Innomedia, we provide a service warranty of 3 to 6 months. This timeframe depends on the complexity of the project.

#7 Work samples

Last, but not the least, your web developer should also showcase their similar works in the eCommerce quotation that they will share with you. Their work portfolio will help you to decide whether you like their work and whether you will go ahead with them or not.

How much is the average cost of eCommerce web development in Singapore?

Although, there are no standard or fixed costs that Singapore web developers & agencies charge for eCommerce development, the average cost ranges between $3000 to $15000 or more. The eCommerce website cost depends on several things like features, functionalities, design (custom vs template), timeframe, and other complexities.

At Innomedia, we are charging just $2800 for building a standard eCommerce website.

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6 Things to consider before hiring an eCommerce developer in Singapore

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#1 Experience

If you are serious about your online business, make sure to hire only experienced web developers. Look out for eCommerce developers who have at least 3 years of experience. Hiring an experienced web developer will ensure that your project is completed on time and without any major bugs.

#2 Expertise

Check out the skills of your developer before hiring them to build your online store. Ask them about the platforms that they will use for your website development. Most eCommerce developers in Singapore use WordPress/WooCommerce to create online stores because its easy-to-use interface is liked by not only online web developers but website owners too.

#3 Testimonials

Before hiring a Singapore eCommerce developer, check their reviews. Check out what their clients speak about them. Perhaps you can ask your shortlisted developer to provide you with some of their clients’ contact details so that you can get in touch with them and get all the necessary feedback about the developer.

#4 Past works

Check out the portfolio of your shortlisted developers before hiring them to make sure that they can deliver your project according to your requirements and expectations.

#5 Support

Make sure that your web developer provides excellent support after the website launch. You can ask about the quality of their support from their existing clients.

#6 Communication

Communication is very important when it comes to the successful completion of any eCommerce project. Your shortlisted developer should clearly understand your business and online selling requirements and at the same time, they should be able to share their thoughts and suggestions intuitively.

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