8 Things to take care before launching your WordPress ecommerce website

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Ok, so you are planning to start your own eCommerce business? Great!

You definitely need a great eCommerce website in order to run your online business successfully. 

But wait. 

Before you launch or start working on your eCommerce website, just make sure to take care of these 8 checkpoints.

#1 Have you chosen the appropriate domain name?

Choosing an appropriate domain name is perhaps the first and foremost step to starting an eCommerce store.

How to choose an appropriate domain name?

Here are a few short tips to choose the perfect domain name for your eCommerce store:

a. Use short names.
b. If possible, use keywords in the domain name.
c. Your domain name must be easy to remember
d. If you sell your products locally, then adding the area name would be good.
e. Do not use numbers and hyphens.
f. Use an appropriate name extension with your domain name. For eg. if your business is global, a ‘.com’ domain would be good however if you sell to the local market only, then having a domain extension like ‘.sg’ or ‘.com.sg’ is advisable.

#2 Have you taken care of security of your website?

Before you launch your eCommerce website, just make sure that your web developer has taken care of your website’s security.

Website security is as important as its existence, especially in the case of an eCommerce website.

If you are using WordPress for your eCommerce website development, securing your website is not that difficult. Below are a few short tips for you to secure your WordPress eCommerce website:

a. Ensure that your website runs on HTTPS.
b. Choose a reliable web hosting company.
c.  Choose secured login credentials. Don’t use easy-to-crack login credentials.
d. Don’t use the login username as ‘admin’ which most of the WordPress websites have. It’s easy to crack.
e. Enable Two-Factor Authentication with the help of a plugin.
f. Keep upgrading your plugins and themes.
h. Remove useless files, themes, plugins, or database tables from your server. They are prone to malicious code injections.

#3 Have you ensured that your website’s being backed-up regularly?

Even if you have taken all the necessary steps to secure your WordPress eCommerce website, you must not forget to back up your website regularly.

Again, if you are using WordPress for your eCommerce store, there are several free and paid plugins that help you to back up your website regularly.

#4 Have you chosen a reliable web hosting company?

Web hosting plays an important role in the security of a website.

There are several startup web hosting companies that offer cheap web hosting plans but don’t provide a secure & stable server. No, I don’t mean cheap is not good. You will also find some web hosting companies who charge quite low prices for hosting your website and at the same time, they do take care of their server’s security.

You may find some best web hosting companies’ reviews here.

#5 Is your Woocommerce theme stable?

Choosing a reliable and stable WordPress theme for your eCommerce website is very important. You can’t simply choose a theme based on its design and colors.

While choosing a theme for your WordPress eCommerce website, you must ensure that:

a. Your theme is compatible with all the major browsers.
b. Your theme has a responsive view for mobiles and tablets.
c. Your theme must have its ‘Last updated’ version in the recent date.
d. You must contact their support and observe their turnaround time and ability to resolve your queries.
e. Check the loading speed of your theme before you purchase it.
f. Check the recent reviews of existing users.

#6 Is your ecommerce store compatible with all the major browsers?

It is very likely that when you purchase the theme of your WordPress eCommerce website, it renders fine on all the major browsers however when you launch it (after the customizations & updates), the design or features may get disturbed for some of the browsers.

So, before you launch your eCommerce store for the public, you must ensure that it shows well on all the major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE.

#7 Is your ecommerce website responsive?

A responsive web design is very crucial for any eCommerce website. Since most users these days use their smart devices to browse information and products online, it becomes very important to ensure that your website has a responsive version. In other words, your website must look good on mobiles and tablets.

If your eCommerce website is not responsive and you are getting traffic on it, I bet you may be losing a significant volume of sales.

#8 Have you done appropriate testing related to accepting payments?

Another important checkpoint to ensure before you launch your eCommerce website.

Try making a few payments and buying the products yourself first before you make your online store available to the public.


An eCommerce website can definitely add-on to your business revenue but ensuring that it doesn’t have any leakage or leak points is very crucial. By following the above checkpoints, you can be assured that your eCommerce store is ready to launch & you won’t be losing your sales because of any major errors on the website.

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