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Get 40% More Ecommerce Sales

6 Techniques to get more ecommerce sales!

Interested to Grow Your E-commerce Sales? This is For You!

Does any of these statements sound familiar to you?

“I have been running my ecommerce store for more than one year but I am not getting much sales. I have given up now.”

“I put a lot of money in promoting and advertising my ecommerce store but rarely I get some sales. I don’t know how other businesses make it and what should I do to get more orders.”

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Did you know?

More than 80% of the ecommerce businesses that start every year get shut down in the very first year of their existence.

What could be the reason?

Don’t they spend enough money on advertising their website or business?

Don’t they have fantastic products to sell?

Well, in most of the cases, it’s the lack of sell-able elements on the website that leads to the failure of ecommerce businesses.

It’s ironic that people spend thousands of dollars on advertising and promoting their businesses but they don’t pay much attention to their websites.

But don’t worry! You can get yourself in the 20% slot who run their ecommerce business successfully, and that too, for long-term.


In this post, I will be sharing 6 simple yet crucial elements that most of the ecommerce websites lack.

By implementing these techniques, you will definitely see some positive changes in your overall ecommerce sales. 

#1 Use Product Videos

When you run an ecommerce business, you expect your potential customers to buy your products by paying online, without seeing them physically.

Its a different story when the consumers visit a shop and buy products from there because they can touch and feel the products before they buy them.

However in case of online purchase, sometimes your potential customers may not be able to decide whether the showcased product will meet their expectations or not.

They fear that when they will receive the ordered products, they may get a shocking surprise. 

The best way to avoid this confusion & fear among your prospectives is to show a video demonstration of your product(s). 

A video demonstration of a product helps customers to get a better idea about its usage & appearance.

Try to include a video demo with some of your best products and you will see the difference.

#2 Use Customer Testimonials

We, as human beings, can easily trust other human beings.

When we see other people who are like us, are enjoying the benefits of a product, we tend to be less resistant in buying that product. Ins’t it?

Therefore, you must encourage your existing customers to write great reviews about your products which you can display on your website besides every product. This will definitely boost the confidence of your potential customers and encourage them to buy from you.

#3 Pay More Attention To Mobiles

We know that people use mobile phones and tablets to shop online.

But did you know that about 40% of mobile users have bought something online from their devices.

These facts simply indicate that you must pay even more attention to the mobile version (responsive) of your website. Having a responsive website is no more a luxury, its a necessity.

If your ecommerce website is not responsive or looks ugly on its responsive mode (on mobiles), hire a web developer now to fix this issue. 

#4 Provide Discounts

Who doesn’t love discounts. We all love it.

In fact, various studies have proved that the ecommerce websites that offer great discounts to their customers are able to grab more sales as compared to those who don’t offer discounts, even if the prices of latter is lower than the former. Quite ironic. This simply shows that we all love discounts.

Perhaps, one of the best ways to encourage your prospectives to buy, would be by offering a discount on their first purchase/order with your website. Try it now & get ready to receive more orders. 

#5 Include a Sense of Urgency

We all care for the limited resources.

In other words, when we know that a specific product or service has a limited quantity, we tend to buy them aggressively, if we really need them or like them.

By including a sense of urgency with some of your selected products, you encourage your potential customers to expedite their buying decision.

Fortunately, if you have been using WordPress, Shopify or Magento for your ecommerce website development, there are plenty of plugins/modules available to show a running counter with your products.

#6 Accept Wider Range of Payment Options

Has your ecommerce website been a victim of high order abandonment rate? Are the customers adding the products to their cart but seldom pay finally? One of the major reasons of high order abandonment rate is the lack of payment options.

Perhaps, if you serve the customers in your local market, providing them with an option of cash on delivery will definitely boost your sales. Alternatively, if you target international market, you may include wider payment options that are accepted worldwide.


The above simple techniques may not bring a storm of sales for your ecommerce business but you will definitely see a remarkable effect on your overall sales by implementing all of the tips mentioned above.

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