6 Best Practices for Building a WooCommerce Store

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With the ever-growing competition in the field of eCommerce business, it has become almost impossible for a user to accept any eCommerce website that is below standard. 

What does that mean?

It simply means that having a website that is not as great as your competitor, may result in low sales or low revenue too.

This is why you, as an eCommerce store owner should make it a priority to ensure that your WooCommerce website follows the best practices of website development. 

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As a website owner, you must ensure that your web developer follows the best WooCommerce practices. In this blog post, you will find 6 such rules that must be followed by every webmaster or developer to make their businesses a success.

#1 Pick an Appropriate Web Hosting

Web hosting is the very next step after your eCommerce website development is completed. However it is the most crucial step because the success of any eCommerce website depends largely on the web hosting performance. 

Firstly, your web server must be able to provide enough space for your website. Secondly, your website must be able to download all the webpages quickly using your web server.

Thirdly, but most importantly, your web server must have an uptime of 99.99% in order to ensure that your website is always available for your customers. 

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#2 Use SSL Certificate

SSL is the pillar of a secure WooCommerce website. It helps to provide authenticity and adds a layer of encryption to sensitive information on the website. Therefore, as the information travels across the Internet, it is not likely to be delivered to the wrong recipient or hijacked by hackers

Thus, with SSL certificate, sensitive information on the website will be protected from hackers and Internet thieves. It protects both the business and its customers. Make sure your eCommerce developer recognizes the importance of SSL certificate and implement it in your WooCommerce site development.

#3 Find The Right WordPress Theme

Finding the right WordPress theme is very important when it comes to building a WooCommerce store. You should be ready to invest in a good WordPress theme for a profitable WooCommerce website development. 

This is because a lousy theme will not only put your customers off, it also tends to destroy a business’s reputation as well. 

Consult your web developer and find out which theme will be suitable for your business. For instance, one of such reliable WordPress themes is Astra. 

Astra is a WordPress theme that gives the best performance when it comes to eCommerce. With it, users will be able to find their way around the store quickly because it has a robust search feature. 

Also, it has a nice collection of page templates that you can use in order to build a great looking website. 

#4 Pay Attention To Checkout

The checkout is perhaps the most critical experience for shoppers in an online store. It is so sensitive that if anything goes wrong, the shoppers might be discouraged from making the final purchase. 

It is therefore vital that your web designer builds a checkout process that is quick and flawless to avoid losing sales. 

To achieve this, here are few best practices: 

• Make sure to use a payment gateway provider that is well-known and secure. Examples are Stripe and PayPal

• Make the pricing on your product page easily understandable. This means that you have to be straightforward about tax rates, shipping fees and the likes 

• Put a security seal around the checkout button

• Make sure that the form does not exceed a page and ask for relevant information only. 

• Make sure that there’s a bright, clean and attractive design around the call to action button and the shopping cart. It should be easily understandable.

#5 Optimize Your eCommerce Store For Three S's

Security, speed and SEO are three crucial qualities that will promote any eCommerce site. 

It is especially crucial for customers who prefer to provide their information for private payment to purchase goods online. 

Follow the following WordPress plugins to enhance the experience of the three S’s 

• Backup with plugins like Updraft plus 

• Ensure all in all security with Wordfence 

• Performance caching with super cache 

• Optimize image with Smush 

• Use Yoast for SEO

#6 Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a valuable ally that every eCommerce site should capitalize on. 

  • It gives insights and information about your site. 
  • It also provides information about your visitors and where they come from

The advantage of all this information is that they help you find more customers for your site. It might seem like a jumble of technical reports; if however, you can set it up for your site, it will optimize your eCommerce store for sale. 

Therefore, make sure that you activate the module in Google Analytics to ensure accurate tracking.

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