5 tips to display products price on your ecommerce website

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What is the most important and core element of any eCommerce website? You guessed it right. It’s the pricing of their products.

But it’s even more important to display those prices in a nice way.

No matter how good your eCommerce website looks or how well you have marketed your store, if the products’ prices are not displayed well, you may lose a significant amount of sales.

Why product price display is so important for an eCommerce website?

None of the customers expect the price to remain a mystery.

The truth is that your eCommerce website may face high order abandonment rate if you haven’t highlighted the price of your products clearly or shown them at the wrong places.

So what’s the solution here & how eCommerce businesses can make sure that their customers see all the products’ prices conveniently?

In this blog post, we will be sharing 5 ways to make sure that the price of your products stands out, making it easier for your customers to view them & buy your products.

Let’s start!

#1 Use font that matters

Yes, the font style of displaying product prices matters a lot for its appearance. Your web developer can contribute a lot to make your price stand.

I’ve come across hundreds (if not thousands) of eCommerce websites that showcase their pricing in such a small font size that users need to spend at least 2-4 seconds in order to figure out the actual cost of a product. Very annoying, it is, for the users.

Having said above, the first & most important tip is to choose the font type & size that makes the product’s price stand out.

In the example below, you can see how convenient it is for the users to see the price in the very first look of this webpage.

#2 Highlight discounts, if any

Many eCommerce websites do offer great discounts on their products but fail to convey the correct message.


By simply not highlighting the discounts prominently.

You can’t simply assume that your website users will read the whole chunk of information on your web pages.

In this jet age, people tend to scan information in order to digest it. So you must ensure that all the important information has been displayed precisely.

In the example below, you can clearly see what’s the usual price of this jewelry item and how much is the offer/discounted price.

discounted price ecommerce store

#3 Show the price range where applicable

There are several products that require the user’s selection to display their ‘price to pay;.

In most of the eCommerce stores, your will notice that there is no price indication for such products. In this case, the user will have to select an option like size, color, etc. in order to view the price of that product.

The best idea, in this case, would be to display the price range.


The users will have a clear idea about the product pricing before they click the product & select the options. If the product range falls under the estimated budget of users, they will definitely proceed to click and view the product details.

price range ecommerce website

#4 Display shipping charges, if any

Most of the buyers are very serious about the shipping charges. As a matter of fact, the price of the products doesn’t matter to them a lot but they are more curious to know the shipping charges to deliver that product.

Having said above, it would be a wise idea to provide an estimate of shipping charges on the product page itself, rather than showing it on the final cart page. This is also perhaps one of the major reasons for the high abandonment rate of any eCommerce website. People hate unwanted surprises. Isn’t it?

Many smart eCommerce entrepreneurs are realizing the importance of disclosing all the additional charges on the product page upfront only.

shipping cost display on ecommerce website

#5 Use a currency converter

Is your eCommerce business global? Do you provide shipping to other countries?

If yes, then it’s very important for you to provide your users with an option to switch over the currency of your eCommerce store.


It makes your users’ life easier. They don’t need to calculate & convert every product into their own currency. Instead, a currency switch tool can help them to convert the primary currency of your eCommerce website to the selected currency of your user. This helps them to make their decisions faster.

currency convertor ecommerce website