5 Simple Yet Useful Tips For Your WooCommerce Store To Get More Sales

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These days, creating an e-commerce website at an affordable price is not a big deal. Thanks to WordPress¬†& its e-commerce builder plugin “WooCommerce“.

By installing WooCommerce with your WordPress website, you can easily set up your online store.

What’s more. You can easily find WooCommerce developers who can help you to customize your WordPress theme or plugins in order to comply with your specific needs.

That’s not all. WooCommerce also comes with several great features through which you can increase your online sales.

woocommerce store development

In this blog post, I’ve shared¬†5 useful tips for all the webmasters who have used WooCommerce for the development of their e-commerce website.

These tips will help you not only in making your website user-friendly but they will also help you to fetch more sales.

Let’s get started.

#1 WooCommerce Navigation

A user-friendly & intuitive navigation is the heart of any e-commerce website. The objective of a website’s navigation should always be to minimize the number of clicks for the users.

Optimized navigation of an e-commerce store solves 2 primary goals:

A. More Conversions: A simple and easy-to-browse navigation always helps a website to get a higher customer retention rate and when it comes to an online store, it becomes even more important because the overall conversion and sales depend on its navigation, to a large extent.

B. Higher SEO Rankings: An optimized menu navigation not only helps the users to browse the website, but it also helps search engine crawlers to index the webpages which result in getting higher rankings on search engines.

If your existing e-commerce website doesn’t have user-friendly navigation, you may consider hiring an e-commerce web developer to fix this issue immediately.

#2 WooCommerce Search

For any e-commerce website to be successful, its search mechanism plays quite an important role. Most of the users know what they want to buy but they are not sure how to reach the webpage of their desired product(s).

A search bar (with an option to search broadly) helps the users to find their desired products easily and effectively. In the absence of a search function, it may take several minutes for the users to search their stuff but with the availability of a search bar, they can do it in just less than a minute.

A search function on any e-commerce store helps in minimizing customers’ frustration & increasing the overall sales of that website.

The good news is that there are several great WordPress plugins that you can use to integrate a robust search feature on your e-commerce website. 

#3 Focus On Products Description

I have noticed that most of the e-commerce websites don’t have a selling description.

What does a selling description mean?

When the users are searching for their desired products and they come across your website, they want to learn more about the usage & benefits of your products. In other words, they want to know the reason why they should buy from you.

But most webmasters fail to deliver this message to their potential buyers. As a result, they are always at risk of losing their sales.

What’s the solution here?

For each product, yes, you saw it right, for every product, you must write a customized description explaining the benefits of buying your products.

#4 Speed-Up Your WooCommerce Store

Did you know that if your website loads in more than 7 seconds, you are at risk of losing more than 40% of your sales?

In this digital age of 4G & 5G, nobody wants to wait for a website to load.

If your e-commerce website also loads slowly and you are not getting enough sales out of it, I bet you know the reason now.

Don’t lose hope. There is always a solution to every problem. You can hire a web developer who could optimize your WooCommerce website for speed.

One more thing to note here is that a fast-loading website is good not only for potential buyers but for search engines as well.

Major search engines like Google have officially declared that they would consider fast-loading websites to rank in higher positions as compared to those websites that load slowly.

#5 Users Reviews

Displaying user reviews on your product pages helps potential buyers to confide in your products and encourage them to purchase them.

There is always a higher degree of resistance for new customers to buy from a new store but the positive reviews from existing/previous customers encourage them to go ahead and buy.

So, you need to focus on 2 things here.

  • Ask your previous or existing customers to write reviews about your products.
  • Ask your web developer to show the reviews block on every product page.

The more positive reviews you have on your website, the more sales you will get.

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