5 Myths about using WordPress for ecommerce websites

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We all know that WordPress is the most preferred & easy-to-use CMS open source. But still, many eCommerce businesses are reluctant to choose WordPress for building their online store. Why?

The reason for the rejection of WordPress for eCommerce website development lies in several myths. In this blog post, you will get to know about 5 such popular myths. Not only this, but I will also demystify those myths.

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#1 WordPress is good for only blogging or small websites

This is one of the biggest myths that WordPress is a low-quality CMS and it’s not suitable for eCommerce websites. WordPress started as a blogging platform and now people have started using WordPress websites for their small businesses and this is the maximum limit of WordPress.

Not at all, WordPress has no limits. You can get any type of website using WordPress CMS. Be it a CMS website, eCommerce website, or any complex web portal, WordPress is always there for you.

#2 WordPress is not secured

There is another big myth about WordPress is that it’s not a secured CMS and WordPress websites are prone to malicious code injection, virus attacks, or spamming.

Before I demystify the security myth about WordPress, I would like to ask you “Is there any CMS platform that can be certified as 100% secured”. The answer is ‘No’. Why? It’s not only about CMS that matters but it’s also about how web developers comply with the security norms while developing the website.

In other words, to have a secured eCommerce website using WordPress, all you need to do is, just hire the best eCommerce developers who can comply with the security guidelines of WordPress web development.

The fact that there are lots of security plugins available to integrate with WordPress websites and develop secured online stores, the insecurity of WordPress websites myth is also demystified.

#3 WordPress is not flexible

Many people think that WordPress websites are restricted to the plugins’ inbuilt features and one can’t have a custom website using WordPress CMS.

The abundance of WordPress developers in the market has already demystified this myth. Most of these WordPress web developers are proficient in customizing WordPress plugins and developing a robust eCommerce website as per the specific requirements of a business.

#4 WordPress designs are template-based

There is another common myth among people that WordPress eCommerce websites have template-based designs and can’t be customized or modified.

It’s not true. Making modifications to the theme files of a WordPress eCommerce website is very much possible without making a hole in your pocket. You can easily hire affordable WordPress designers who can assist you in creating an eCommerce website that is aligned with your company’s branding.

#5 WordPress eCommerce plugins are not robust

As I already mentioned many people think about WordPress as a low-quality CMS and they also think that WordPress can’t offer a free plugin that offers robust eCommerce features. In other words, you can have an eCommerce website using WordPress CMS but you won’t get all the important shopping cart features from WordPress.

Let me tell you here that WordPress plugins like Woocommerce are among those free plugins that provide not only an affordable way of building an online store but also help eCommerce businesses to have advanced features on their website that are required to run a successful business.

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I am sure if you had any of the above-mentioned myths about WordPress for eCommerce websites, now you shouldn’t be reluctant to choose WordPress as your eCommerce CMS.