5 Best slider plugins for your WooCommerce online store

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A slider is considered one of the best attraction gainers on eCommerce websites. This means, having an attractive image slider can encourage visitors to spend more time on your website.

Usually, you need web developer help to build animated sliders but thankfully with WordPress, you can just do it on your own. All you need is a few well-designed slides/images which you can use for sliding.

Although the best place to display image sliders is the homepage, you can let the creative juices flow and use them wherever you feel appropriate. For eg., you may use a specific product images slider on its specific page so that the users can view the product’s different images while reading its information.

If your eCommerce website has been developed using WordPress (WooCommerce), you will find this blog post very useful because here, I am going to share the 5 best WordPress plugins to create great sliders for your eCommerce websites.

#1 Soliloquy Lite

soliloquay slider WooCommerce

Soliloquy is amongst the most popular slider plugins available for WordPress websites. I have used this plugin for many of our client’s websites and so far, the experience has been great. This plugin offers a few salient features such as speed, responsiveness, and ease of use. You can showcase your products in a nicer way through this plugin.

Soliloquy, being a fast-loading slider, is considered best for your eCommerce website because you know that speed matters a lot for the success of an online store.

Not only speed, but this plugin also enables you to define tags for each image which is again good for search engine optimization. Altogether, we can say that Soliloquy is a great plugin for you to use.

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#2 Easing Slider

easing slider WooCommerce

Easing Slider has more than 80,000 installations which clearly shows its reliability. This plugin also allows you to set the dimensions & duration of your slider so that you can display the slider in a way you want. Not only this, but Easing Slider also comes with a mobile responsive design.

There are two transition effects, fade, and slide. Just copy the shortcodes and paste them anywhere you want to display them. It’s as easy as that.

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#3 Meta Slider

meta slider WooCommerce

Meta Slider offers both reliability and choices for you. This plugin comes with 4 slider types – Nivo Slider (responsive, 16 transition effects, four themes), Coin Slider (four transition effects), Flex Slider 2 (responsive, two transition effects, carousel mode), Responsive Slides (responsive, fade effect only).

Meta Slider also offers an easy-to-use wizard for you to create your desired slider. Again, displaying Meta Slider on your post or pages is as easy as copying and pasting a short code.

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#4 Huge-IT Slider

huge IT slider WooCommerce

This is one of my favorite sliders which I have used on several eCommerce websites. It is very easy to create a slider for your WordPress-based online store. This plugin enables you to add videos and images, as well as, add a slider to the posts, pages, and template files. The slider allows having an unlimited amount of images/videos with their titles and descriptions. You can add an unlimited number of images to create your slider (no limit).

The slider uses autogenerated shortcodes for making it easier to add it to the custom location. What’s more. Huge-IT Slider provides mobile responsive sliders. You can use this plugin to showcase your hot-selling products on the homepage of your online store.

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#5 Slider by Supsystic

Not very popular, but this plugin also offers great features to build a nice plugin for your eCommerce websites. Slider By Supsystic offers a Responsive image slider, great slideshow themes, easy-to-use slider builder interface This plugin comes with Thumbnails Slider, Video Slider (pro), Post Feed Slider (pro), and Carousel Slider (pro).

This plugin also enables you to create content sliders which is again good for eCommerce websites.

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Final words

A slider is definitely helpful for developing great-looking websites but at the same time, you can utilize their power to generate revenue from your eCommerce websites too. All you need to do is, just think about some creative ways to showcase your products nicely to your audience in order to get more conversions from your online shop.