4 Weapons to regain your abandoned cart customers

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Setting up an eCommerce website alone is not sufficient to start generating revenue. It requires continuous implementation of marketing strategies to grow online sales. In other words, succeeding in the eCommerce business is not easy (let’s face it).

It’s no anymore the “set it up, forget it and people will buy” theory.

Getting traffic on an eCommerce website is really great but does it ensure high conversions? Not necessary. Why? Because the traffic may not get converted into paying customers. Sounds familiar? I bet most of you will say ‘Yes’.

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In this blog post, I will share some of the great & secret weapons for eCommerce business owners to help them increase conversions from existing traffic.

Product Upselling

Take advantage of traffic on your website by offering them other products that you/your eCommerce system think they may be interested in buying. For eg., if you sell men’s trousers and shirts, you may offer your visitors to buy leather belts and wallets too. Since your targeted customers are interested in shirts & trousers, they may be interested in the accessories too. At the same time, when your prospective customers are unlikely to buy products from your online store, offering them combo deals with related accessories may push them to checkout and pay.

Product recommendations are responsible for an average of 10-30% of eCommerce site revenues, according to several online studies.

Newsletter Signup

With the help of your¬†eCommerce developer, you may integrate a feature on your eCommerce website that if the users try to quit your online store without buying products, they must see a newsletter signup window saying “Sorry to see you going back without buying from us! Please leave your email with us and we will keep sending you great offers in future because we would really love to see you here again!” and start collecting their emails to save them under your “unpaid users”.

What will you do with the list of “unpaid users”? Wait, I am going to explain it in further points.

Abandoned Cart Notification

Are you taking care of users who added your products to their cart but never checked out? Or do you simply forget them because you think that they are not going to be your paying customers? If that’s the case, let me tell you that you already made a huge loss in your eCommerce business.

Not in all cases, the abandoned cart users dislike your product or change their minds halfway. Just think if their cart was abandoned because of their interrupted internet connection or maybe they were using a shared internet connection or 4G at Starbucks and they decided to complete the purchase using their home internet connection but they could never find your website link again.

Wouldn’t it be great if you at least send them an abandoned cart notification after 12 or 24 hours to remind them that you are still holding their product and waiting for them to pay?


Now, it’s time to take out your “unpaid users” and retarget them through Google Adwords (PPC)¬†and Facebook remarketing strategies. Several types of research & studies on customer behavior say that a customer is likely to buy products from websites that he/she sees more than 3 times on several online placements. So, chase your “unpaid users” and show them that you really care to have them as your customers.

Hint: Use appropriate “viewable impression” settings in Facebook and Adwords to make sure that your ads are not irritating your prospective customers.

Referral Incentives

Everyone loves incentives! Why not offer incentives to abandoned cart users for each referral? This incentive could be in the form of a discount that users get for them when they complete their purchase and at the same time referee also gets a discount. Studies show that referral incentives help not only abandoned cart users come back but also they bring new customers with them too.

Hint: Why referral incentives should be given to abandoned cart users only? Referral incentives can be given to existing customers to grow your sales as well.

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