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Mobile Applications

mobile application development singapore

7 Ways To Enhance Users Experience On Your Mobile Apps

A mobile application’s user experience plays a vital role in its success. We all know that. But the question is how to enhance the users experience of any mobile app. Mobile users have been increasingly demanding a lot more from apps to keep them coming back after the initial download. […]

mobile apps design singapore

9 Tips To Create UI Designs That Your Mobile Apps Developer Must Follow

If you analyze the most successful mobile apps worldwide, you will find one common quality that each of these apps would have.  Yes, that’s their design. The UI of any mobile app plays a vital role in its success. Even if you want to build a mobile app for your […]

push notifications mobile app development singapore

What Are Mobile App Push Notifications & Why They Are Important

What is a push notification? A push notification is a text message that appears as a pop-up on a mobile device. Who can send a push notification to your mobile phones? The publishers of mobile app that’s downloaded on your mobile device sends out push notifications to you. The mobile […]

mobile app monetization tips mobile app developer singapore

7 Ways To Monetize Your Mobile Application

Are you planning to develop a mobile app for your business but not sure how you can monetize it? Below are 7 different ways in which you can monetize your mobile app profitably.  #1 Running Advertisements The most common & popular way to monetize a mobile application is through running […]

beauty salon mobile apps developer singapore

7 Reasons To Have Mobile Apps For Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner in Singapore and wondering if you should invest in mobile application development? Or do you always think great about mobile apps but not sure how it can become a good fit for your business or how it can improve your business? In this blog […]

mobile apps development for restaurant business singapore

7 Essential Features Of A Mobile Application For Florist

Are you a florist and want to capture impressive ROI for your business? Invest in a mobile app. A mobile app can help your flower business to get more sales and customer engagement. If you are worried about the high development cost of a mobile app, you can read one […]

beauty salon mobile apps developer singapore

7 Tips To Reduce Mobile Apps Development Cost

Irrespective of their size, many companies are venturing into mobile application development. Do you have an idea that you want to convert into a mobile app but you are concerned about the high development costs to build the applications? Yes, its true that it takes a lot of time to […]

grow ecommerce sales

6 Key Features Your Ecommerce Mobile App Must Have

Yes, its true that a mobile app can help you to grow your ecommerce sales but its not as simple as it’s been said. To get desired results from your ecommerce mobile app, you must follow some tested & proven tips, if you really want to make it good in […]

mobile apps design and development in singapore

How Much Does A Mobile App Costs In Singapore

Do you have a great business idea that you want to transform into a mobile app? The next thing that you must wondering is the cost to develop a mobile app in Singapore. Right? I meet several prospects every week and the one common question I am being asked every […]

beauty salon mobile apps developer singapore

7 Tips To Hire Mobile App Developer in Singapore

Do you have an idea which you want to transform into a mobile app and looking for a reliable & affordable app developer? It is indeed worth investing some time to shortlist and hire an app developer wisely rather than regretting in future. Your app developer can either make or […]