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Facebook Marketing

A/B Testing in Facebook advertising

What exactly is A/B testing? A/B testing or split testing is a technique to find out the best performing ad ( in terms of headline, copy/text, images, call-to-actions) that works best for your Facebook advertising campaigns. In other words A/B testing compares two similar ads yet having different versions of […]

Why Facebook Advertising?

When Facebook changed its algorithm in early 2015 that your  page’s organic reach will be based on the content you post, most of the online marketing professionals & companies were bound to rethink on their Facebook marketing strategies. This was the time when Facebook advertising emerged as a best alternative to reach your targeted […]

Facebook Marketing Singapore

5 Creative Ways to Use Cover Page for Facebook Marketing

Facebook cover photo is no more a new thing for those who own a Facebook page. Needless to mention,your Facebook cover photo is the largest piece of real estate on your Facebook page because it is the first thing which users see on any your page.So,there is no harm if you put […]