Lesson One-Improve appearance of your blog

In this blog post, I will share some tips on how you can improve the appearance of your blog.

First of all, you will need to log into WordPress admin, for this, you can go to the link http://yourblogname.wordpress.com/wp-admin and you will be prompted to ask username/email and password. Once you enter these details and log in, you will see your dashboard(something like below).

Dashboard WordPress

Among all the link tabs on the left-hand side of your dashboard, you will find a tab ‘Appearance’.If you put your mouse over the tab “Appearance”, it will show you a few more sub-links under it(as in the image below), which are Themes, Customize, Widgets, Menus, Header, Custom Design & Mobile. Let’s talk about these options one by one.

First option: Themes

themes WordPress
Appearance Tab in Dashboard

The first & foremost step to improving your blog’s appearance is to find a nice theme to do this, you must click on the link “Themes”.Once you click it, you will see a page that will show your blog’s current theme, and below it, there will be several other available themes as well. This collection of themes will consist of both free and paid designs, so you may surf around those designs and select the best one for your blog. Once you find an appropriate theme, you may click on the link “activate” which is present below every theme and your blog design will be changed instantly which you may view at http://yourblogname.wordpress.com

Second option: Customize

The customize option will help you to change the font style, colors, background, headers, etc. on the design theme selected by you. After you click on the link option “Customize”, you will see your blog along with a big vertical tab on the right-hand side of the browser that says “Customize your blog”.After you put your mouse over this vertical tab, it will show you a few options like Colors, Fonts, Header, Front, Site Title, and CSS (Please note that a few of these options may not be available to you if you have a free/trial version of any paid theme).

themes tab WordPress
Customize your blog

This option lets you change the color of your blog elements like texts, borders, and backgrounds.

Fonts: This option lets you change the font style of headings and body text.

Header: You can upload and display your header on the blog.

Front: You may choose between your latest post and a page to be displayed when your blog is opened.

Site Title: You can set the title of your blog (for eg. Web Development Singapore) along with the tagline of your blog (for eg. Best Web Developers)

CSS: This option is good only for web developers or bloggers who are aware of CSS codes. This option is generally available with premium/paid themes.

Third option: Widgets

Widgets are one of my favorite sections to take control of widgets/boxes that I want to appear on my blog’s Sidebar(s). This section allows you to drag various options like Blog Stats, Blog Stats, etc., and drop them on the right-hand side panel (Sidebar) as shown in the image below:

Widgets WordPress
Widgets section on the Blog

Fourth option: Menus

This section allows you to manage the menus to appear on the header of your blog. You may add/delete the menus from this section; for eg., you may add menus like About this Blog, About me, About my services, Contact us, etc. The screen for this section looks like the below:

menus wordpress
Menus Option for Blog

Fifth option: Header

In this section, you may decide what will be displayed on the header area of your blog. You may decide to show only your blog title along with a tag or only the header image. You may also decide to display both of them and in this area, you can modify the header image and message as well.

header section wordpress
Header Section of Blog

Sixth Option: Background

In this section, you may select a background color or image for your blog.

background wordpress

Seventh Option: Custom Design

This option is usually available with paid/premium themes. This section allows you to take control of your theme design to a greater extent but again to do this you will need to take the help of your web developer who can help you with CSS codes etc.

Eighth Option: Mobile

As we all know everyone is going mobile these days and many internet surfers use their devices to access websites so it’s a good idea to make your blog a ‘mobile compatible blog’. And why not, when WordPress.com allows you to do so without any technical skills? In the mobile section of your ‘Appearance’ tab you can choose your blog’s behavior over mobile devices for eg. it allows you to show ‘only posts’ for mobile devices, or ‘only page’ with the option to browse the posts or you may opt to hide headers from the mobile devices due to the space constraint and so on. Please note that to make these settings, it’s important that your theme should support a mobile-friendly version.

mobile compatibility wordpress
Mobile Compatibility for Blog