Useful wordpress plugins for content marketing

Today I was thinking about the revisions that Google introduces for its search algorithms and how frequent are those revisions. I was also thinking about what is it that always remains dominant even after so many changes in search engine algorithms.

The only thing I could think of was the content (of course quality content).

No matter whether it is the era of Panda, Penguin, or whatever, if you have quality content on your website, the game is in your favor. Every SEO consultant would agree with this fact.

It is sometimes hard for webmasters to figure out the best ways to perform effective content marketing for their blogs or website. So I thought to put together some of the WordPress plugins which one can use to make sure that the content on their website is search engine optimized & well syndicated too.

Here are a few WordPress plugins which I think could be beneficial for your content marketing activities:

1) SEO By Yoast: This is also one of the best WordPress plugins that I have used for effective content marketing. This plugin will help not only to make sure that you have all the major SEO elements like XML sitemap, Meta Tags, etc. in place but it also guides you on how you can use correct keyword density in your every blog.

Below is the screenshot from my blog which shows how this plugin helps webmasters to determine the correct usage of focusing keyword in your blog:

SEO By Yoast Screenshot

You can download the pluginĀ from this link

2) Contextly: Wonderful WordPress plugin to use for your website or blog. This plugin is free to use and can be of great help to your visitors and search engines as well. This tool will enable you to show related & recommended stories within your website or blog. Below is the screenshot from my blog of what it look like:

Contextly Screen

You can download the plugin from this link

3) Facebook Comments: For any successful content marketing campaign, it’s very important to have the information syndicated through various social channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Therefore installing such a social plugin is a good idea and will really give a boost to your content marketing strategy. The best tool to fulfill this requirement is ‘Facebook Comments’. In order to have this plugin work for you, you will need to create an application with your existing Facebook account and get the API Key which you can enter in the settings option of the Facebook Comments Plugin. Below is the screenshot from my blog which shows what the comments widget looks like:

Facebook Comments Plugin

You can download the pluginĀ from this link

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and will make sure that your WordPress blog or website must have these plugins in order to achieve your content marketing goal. I will come up with a few more such plugins soon. Enjoy!